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Dr Charles Mahl
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December 9, 2023

How does Cell Therapy Work?

Often on the website, you will see us talk about stem cells and their usage regarding pain management. While we have gone into the details of stem cell treatments, we haven’t gone into just exactly how to stem cells alone work. So to answer the question, we’ve created this blog on how stem cells work.

What are Stem Cells?


The easiest way to understand what stem cells are is to look at the word stem by itself. When you see the stem of a plant without looking at it produces, it could be anything. It could grow into anything at all. Stem Cells are exactly that, they can be anything in the body.

For example, cells in the blood are specialized to carry oxygen throughout the body and trade the oxygen from the lungs to the muscles to keep them fresh. They’re like ball boys in Tennis, they are constantly tossing the ball back into the game to keep it going, if they stopped, there would be no game and the muscle would fail.

So while every cell in the body is specialized and has their purpose, stem cells, on the other hand, are cells without a purpose. They are there for the body as a backup plan. Stem cells can be the ball boy, or they can be the tennis player, depending on where the body needs them.

How are Stem Cells used in Pain Management?

When you have areas that are sore on your bodies, such as ligaments and muscles, the body is sending cells to that location to alleviate the pain. But the body still has those stem cells in the background for important emergencies.

So with stem cell prolotherapy, we absorb some of those stem cells in your body and inject them right into the area of pain. As a result, the stem cells will adjust to that area and help relieve the pain in that area faster.

By using the body’s response time and the nature of stem cells, we can force the stem cells to choose the role that works best for your body even if your body is working at fixing it already.

I thought Stem Cells were bad.

Stem cells have a stigma around them because the easiest way to acquire stem cells and test their efficacy is to gather them during the birth process. When the baby is in the womb, it is essentially nothing but stem cells and there is such an abundant amount of them compared to the adult human. Because of this, the afterbirth and the fetus are the easiest way to acquire stem cells and some people think it is amoral to use those as a way to acquire stem cells.

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