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Stem Cell Therapy for Treating Pain

What is Referred Pain Prolotheray Miami

If you are hurt or have been damaged in an injury, it can take a very long time for the body to heal. The cells for your muscles or cartilage can take 3 to 6 weeks to heal. However, with the benefits of stem cell therapy, the healing can be quicker and much more substantial.

Stem Cell Therapy is the administration of live whole cells in a patient for the treatment of a disease. The concept being that similar types of cells from a compatible and healthy host, will be able to aid in the recuperation of damaged cells in the patient. Common examples of these are blood transfusions and bone marrow transplants. Read more about Stem Cell Treatment in Miami.

What is Cellular Prolotherapy?

Stem Cell Therapy

Cellular Prolotherapy is the usage of stem cells to help heal parts of the body that have been damaged. The process works by using stem cells to adapt to the damaged parts. Stem Cells are the body’s renaissance cells; they can be used to do anything. When the cells divide they become stem cells again or specialized cells. The concept is that if you take stem cells and leave them in unaffected areas, they will simply become stem cells again, but if you inject them into a damaged environment, they will adapt to that environment and heal the area faster.

Cellular Prolotherapy has many known treatments. Therapies can treat osteoarthritis, back pain, stenosis, sciatica, neck pain and sports injuries. By using the bone marrow and the stem cells, we have a nutrient rich source with which we can administer treatment to muscles and joints. By using the injection to stimulate the body’s healing response and using the rich source of stem cells, we can drastically increase the time in which the body’s healing can occur. Read more about Prolotherapy in Miami.

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GenLife is spearheaded by Dr. Charles F. Mahl, one of the leading physicians in the field of Stem Cell Therapy and regenerative medicine. Through his leadership, GenLife has been able to provide the best regenerative medical services in South Florida. If you or a loved one are in pain and need relief, contact us today for a consultation. Call us at (305) 332-7234

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