A word about Epidural Steroid Injections: NO!

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Lower Back Pain

We know that while this shot may reduce the inflammation and pain in the short-term; it is only treating the symptoms and not the root of the problem, which is what caused the inflammation in the first place.  Get Prolotherapy because it works on the root cause of the inflammation.  And, often times, if the steroid epidural does not work, your physician may suggest surgery such as a spinal fusion or “small incision laser surgery”, which are procedures that make openings to release the impinged nerve.

But these procedures do not address the ligament laxity that is allowing the bones to move and hit the nerve, which is really what is causing all the problems. This is why patients often see me, with a diagnosis of “Failed Back Surgery Syndrome”.  They are still suffering from intense pain after the surgery because the cause of the pain has never been addressed which is the loose ligaments that hold the bones together and in place.  I, myself, had that diagnosis for many years, until I discovered prolotherapy and regenerative medicine therapies.