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Sex Hormones for Women
Women's Health

Women’s Health

Women’s health is one of the most commonly searched terms on the internet. Everyone wants to take care of their health and wellbeing. Women statistically live longer than men, and women also statistically look after their health more than men. Not only do we provide excellent services for Men’s health, but we also provide the best women’s health services in Miami.

Women's HealthGenLife Women’s Health

Anti-Aging Medicine – Most people, will work tirelessly to look younger, which often will just stress them out and increase their biological age. But with GenLife, you have the best bet of slowing down your aging process and making yourself feel younger and revitalized in the process.

Sex Hormones for Women – Menopause is one of the most emotionally and mentally straining processes that the human body can undertake. The woman’s body is never ready to cease production of estrogen, yet it does. To help combat this process, GenLife provides sex hormones for women. This will help the process of estrogen withdrawal in women. By providing supplementary hormone injections, your body can ease much more comfortably into a lifestyle without estrogen.

Benefits of Sex Hormones includes:
• Enhanced libido
• Lowered cholesterol levels
• Improved calcium retention and stronger bones
• Heightened levels of mental alertness and energy
• Protection against obesity and diabetes
• Increased immune function
• Can enhance bone mineral density.
• And much more!

SWomen's Health tem Cells Regenerative Therapy – Injury can often happen in a woman’s life, and ongoing pain can cause stressful hormones to be released in the pain. This process is psychologically taxing and physically problematic for anyone. Stem Cell Regenerative Therapy uses your body’s healing mechanism and focuses it in a way that lets you heal yourself. By using your stem cells with your plasma, we can inject the cells that naturally specialize and heal injured areas to adapt to their new environment sooner, which decreases your healing time on injuries.

GenLife Regenerative Medicine

Dr. Charles Mahl Prolotherapy professor expert regenerative medicineGenLife is one of the most progressive regenerative medicine clinics in Miami. We provide specialty services such as prolotherapy and stem cell studying. With Dr. Charles Mahl, a leading figure in the field of regenerative medicine, as our figurehead, we can be one of the most prominent clinics in Miami. If you or a loved one is suffering or concerned about their health, contact us today to learn more about what they can do to increase their quality of life.

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