What is Testosterone?

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What is Testosterone

Testosterone is made from cholesterol and is manufactured mainly in the testicles in males and ovaries and adrenal glands in females.  Testosterone enhance his sex drive, builds muscles and bones, helps maintain self-confidence and the immune system, elevates mood and motivation, and has many other important properties.  A deficiency in testosterone can result in decreased libido, decreased motivation depression, increased risk of suicide, decreased confidence in feeling of well-being, decreased muscle mass, increased body fat especially belly fat leading to obesity, difficulty losing weight, decreasing exercise performance and tolerance, increased incidence of diabetes and increased risk of prostate cancer and heart attack.  Testosterone is administered by daily creams or chills weekly injections or testosterone pellets which are inserted just beneath the skin about every 4 months.  Testosterone cannot be taken by mouth due to poor absorption.  The goal of treatment with any of the vehicles available is to create a steady state of testosterone in the body, rather than having vast fluctuations in levels of testosterone.