What is Regenerative Medicine

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Regenerative Medicine is

the most important field of medical study today. It is the study of generating cells, tissues, and organs for the human body. Botox or hyaluronic acid injection Miami Facial Injectable and Dermal Fillers Miami.While transplants and other regenerative processes have been happening for years now, it is now becoming its area of study with their experts.

The biggest advancement to truly push the study of regenerative medicine is the addition of stem cells. The study of stem cells is integral to the foundation of regenerative medicine because we can view into the birth of cells themselves. Stem cells are like skeleton keys to the mysteries of regenerative medicines. Once we can fully understand and fully replicate our findings, there is no limit as to what is accomplishable.

The Process of Regenerative Medicine

There are three main processes as quoted by the Center for Regenerative Medicine. Rejuvenation, Replacement, and Regeneration.

Rejuvenation is the process of reinvigorating sickly or damaged cells. The idea is that we can boost the body’s ability to heal itself. Unfortunately, this process is difficult to track down because not all cells are formed identically. The main problem we face today is that a cut on your skin is much easier to fix than a cut on your liver. What should be equivalent is simply not.

Replacement is the approach of taking similarly tasked cells and putting them to work on critical tissues. If we were to take liver cells from someone else and place them on damaged liver cells, we might be able to save the person. This is even extending to the idea that maybe we could interchange cells from different sources of the same person. Stem Cells Regenerative Therapy Cellular ProlotherapyWhat might work on the liver could work on the kidney or other areas.

Regeneration is the process of growing and generating new and specific cells for particular areas. Bone Marrow transplants are the best concepts of this, where somebody can take bone marrow and deliver it to someone else at no expense to the person’s bones.


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