What is Referred Pain?

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What is Referred Pain Prolotheray Miami

Referred Pain referred pain is commonly seen with damaged ligaments.  This is pain that the patient believes is coming from a different area other than the one having the actual injury.  Unhealed damage to the ligaments in the back such as from the lumbar, lumbosacral, iliolumbar, sacroiliac, sacrotuberous and sacrospinous ligaments can actually cause pain to be felt going down the leg to the bottom of the foot.  Pubic muscle pain can often be felt near the back of the knee.

Unstable cervical vertebrae in the neck can cause pain to be felt in the shoulder, elbow or forearm. Pain referral patterns are numerous and depend on the initial ligament and tendon damage.  A knowledge of the referral patterns of pain is a prerequisite in the performance of prolotherapy.  We make sure we are treating the root cause of the pain: the specific ligaments and tendons that have been injured and that are causing the joint instability are where we focus our regenerative treatments.