What are Biomarkers?

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Biomarkers are biological molecules that are found in the blood, tissue, and bodily fluids. These biomarkers indicate how well the body is doing. The state of the biomarker is in direct correlation to the overall health of the body and more specifically the region in which it is being tracked.

By using these biomarkers as trackable entities, we can study the effects of specific treatments. At Genlife Regenerative Medicine we will examine your biomarker for its wellbeing. If it is doing poorly, we can deduce that the area isn’t as healthy as it should be. By treating the issues in the body that affect the biomarker, we can improve one’s health and prevent potential problems.

What are the benefits of Biomarkers?

BiomBiomarkers of Aging GenLife Miamiarkers of Aging: Our bodies can age fast (bad) or slow (good) depending on many factors. By tracking the biomarkers with our PhysioAge system, we can track 84% of the body’s aging process. If your body is aging at an accelerated rate, we can treat what is causing you the duress via age management medicine, and by using advanced risk assessment studies such as predicting cancer so that we can start treatment early.

Predicting Cancer: A study created by Joseph J Rafter, tracked the bio markers of the colon to track for cancer. With assessing the different food types for treatment, he was able to evaluate the 11 biomarkers associated with the colon to predict the disease. Aside from the distinct study for colon cancer, biomarkers are also able to predict illnesses such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease too.

GenLife Regenerative Medicine

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GenLife uses our PhysioAge system which allows us to explain variations of aging. Using our methods, we can help predict dangerous diseases and lifestyles that you could be doing that are reducing your lifespan. With the guidance of our expert Dr. Charles Mahl, who is a leading figure in regenerative medicine and prolotherapy, we can offer the best evaluations for anti-aging in Florida. If you or a loved, one would like to receive one of our PhysioAge assessments, make sure to call us at (305) 332-7234.

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