Weight Management Medical and Nutritional Therapy

Often times, the precise reason your body is storing fat is an underlying thyroid imbalance, or some other hormonal imbalance, or sugar cravings, or bad diet, or pain that keeps you from exercising, or a chronic illness or diabetes. Everyone has unique problems and we tailor your weight-loss program to give you a unique solution to achieve the goals that you desire. We balance your body’s chemistries and hormones, teach proper nutrition and exercise, give nutritional supplements and vitamins and we fix the issues that have prevented you from having a healthy lifestyle in the past. We will get you eating right and losing weight. We will stop you from giving in to your cravings and yo-yo dieting. As we put together a weight loss program for you, we will make it fun, healthy and easy for you to take off the extra weight that is dangerous to your health and allow you to lead the life you desire with a renewed energy level. We will provide you with all the tools necessary to accomplish this and maintain it, so you can have the best chance of a healthy life span. In our program, we optimize all systems and hormones, and evaluate the real reasons why weight stays on and doesn’t come off easily so we can get to the root cause, including physiological and psychological reasons and problems that lead to carrying extra weight.