The Origins of Prolotherapy

Pain Management
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What is Prolotherapy?

Originating from the word “proliferate” meaning to form cells quickly, prolotherapy is an injection-based procedure designed to help treat joint and muscle pain.

By irritating the cells around a pained joint or tendon, prolotherapy stimulates healing within that area. It is an effective way to treat conditions such as chronic joint pain and tendon damage.

Where Did Prolotherapy Come from?

prolotherapyHumans have been treating pain through cell irritation since ancient times. In Ancient Rome, physicians often treated injured gladiators with white-hot needles inserted into their shoulders. Though this method is obviously less than ideal compared to modern prolotherapy, the principle of cell irritation is still used today.

It was not until the 1930’s that modern-day prolotherapy first took root. Earl Gedney, an osteopathic doctor, and surgeon, injured his thumb and caused himself severe joint pain. Ignoring discouraging words from his colleagues about there being no possible treatment, Gedney developed an injection for his thumb based on injections used to treat hernias.

Gedney’s research spurred a tidal wave of prolotherapy development throughout the 1940’s and 50’s, eventually culminating in the treatments we use today.

Why It Is Still Used Today

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Today, prolotherapy is still used to treat the same type of paint that it did in ancient times, utilizing similar methods. While we are a long way away from hot-needle irritation, the concept of cell inflammation and stimulation remains a cornerstone of the procedure.

In this modern era, physicians use prolotherapy to treat a wide variety of chronic joint and tendon pain. It is a testament to the viability of the procedure that many patients still choose prolotherapy as a way to relieve what ails them.

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