Surgery is never the answer for Chronic Pain

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Prolotherapy instead of surgery for Chronic Pain

What does Chronic Pain mean?

Hip PainChronic Pain means that your body is perpetually firing pain receptors to inhibit an immune response. This is highly abnormal because the body is supposed to respond quick enough to remedy the problem and that’s the end of it. However, if there is chronic pain, there is something wrong with the pain receptors.

What are Pain Receptors

Pain receptors are tiny neurons that fire when structural damage is detected in the body. These can be superficial or deeply internal. When these receptors are fired, white blood cells are supposed to deploy and begin repairing the area. Read more about Pain Management in Miami.

Why Surgery does not help

People will turn to surgery to try and have the pain manually fixed. But this is incredibly dangerous for some reasons. Most of the time, these will not fix the problem. Since surgery doesn’t repair cellular damage, all it does is move the parts around. So whatever the problem was that firing receptors were the answer to, is unanswered.

How Prolotherapy can Help

surgery is not the answerWith Prolotherapy, we strengthen the receptors and the call for white blood cell aid. By creating a cocktail of protein rich plasma, we inject it into the site. Sparking a superficial neuron from firing and then deploying healthy white blood cells and plasma to repair the area immediately.

The body will deploy as many white blood cells as they seem necessary, but sometimes it’s not enough. Prolotherapy acts as a strategic deployment of the same countermeasures your body is already deploying. Instead of sending in an army to an area, we will send a strike force to the specific area.

GenLife Regenerative Medicine

GenLife regenerative medicine has been helping countless people overcoming their adversities. From professional athletes to aging adults, prolotherapy changes lives on a daily basis. Call us today if you would like to learn more!

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