A Word About Stem Cells

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Stem Cell Regenerative Therapy

Our goal is to stimulate the repair of injured tissues

Stem Cell Prolotherapy is the most exciting addition to the regenerative medicine field of Prolotherapy. A person’s own healing cells are obtained from bone marrow, fat, and blood (in various combinations or alone) and then injected into the area which has a cellular deficiency and is painful. The goal is to stimulate the repair of injured tissues just like Dextrose Prolotherapy and PRP, both of which are dependent on the body having a sufficient amount of repair cells available at the site of the injury. “Cellular depletion” occurs if a joint area has been chronically injured and inflamed over an extended period of time. There are fewer repair cells available as they have been used up over time. Stem Cell Prolotherapy is more effective than Dextrose Prolotherapy or PRP when this type of cellular depletion occurs. It involves taking good repair cells from either the bone marrow or the adipose (fat) tissue, both known to contain adult stem cells, and injecting them into the injured painful site. Stem Cells can be harvested and injected into our own degenerated joints and ligaments. These cells upon contact with injured joint surfaces or other damaged tissue are able to determine which cells are damaged and which are not. These repair cells target and repair the areas of tissue injury, including osteoarthritis and other injured types of tissue such as ligaments and tendons. In certain degenerative diseases such as osteoarthritis when an individual’s stem cell potency appears depleted, with reduced proliferative capacity and decreased ability to differentiate, stem cells can target these cells and create an entirely new line of cell tissue that restores function and is pain free.

Stem Cell Prolotherapy is the next frontier for prolotherapy aimed at creating joint regeneration and/or spine regeneration. It is a minor medical and surgical procedure, in which stem cells are taken from bone marrow aspiration and/or adipose tissue (fat cells). The procedure is very innovative and only takes about an hour.

Conditions Considered for Treatment with Stem Cell Prolotherapy include:

  1. Lower Back Pain and Neck Pain
  2. Joint Osteoarthritis (any joint)
  3. Shoulder Pain
  4. Joint Pain
  5. Hip Pain
  6. Knee pain
  7. Any joint pain

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