Sirtuins – The Longevity Genes

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A handful of genes that manage your body’s defenses during stressful times can also dramatically improve your health and prolong life. Sirtuins, a family of genes that control an organism’s ability to withstand hard times, may be master regulators of this survival mechanism. Sirtuins can cause changes throughout your body that render it temporarily revved up for survival. Activated over the long term, this stress response prolongs life span and forestalls disease in a wide range of organisms.  Additionally, consuming resveratrol ( a nutraceutical/supplement), one of several compounds produced by plants in response to stress has also been found to modulate Sirtuins, suggesting that the plants may use such molecules to control their own Sirtuin enzymes. Resveratrol is present in grape skins, red wine, peanuts and mulberries. If you aspire to safely and effectively unlock the power of your longevity genes, to restore your youthful vitality and live a healthy lifespan, consider adding Resveratrol supplements by Bodyfood available through Dr Mahl’s office and website.