The Road to Recovery: Healing with Prolotherapy

Pain Management
Healing with Prolotherapy

The Injury

You’ve been injured. These are trying times for you physically and mentally. Learning to accommodate for the injury can be difficult, but with the right mentality and treatment, you can overcome the adversity. You are beginning the road to recovery, and it starts with prolotherapy.

Prolotherapy isn’t a drug that makes you feel less pain. Many treatments revolve around getting rid of the pain without focusing on the healing. Prolotherapy is all about getting your body to focus it’s healing properties on the injured area that requires the most attention.

When you are beginning the road to recovery, managing your prolotherapy is just as vital as managing the injury itself.

How to Recover

road to recoveryProlotherapy – Prolotherapy is not a one-and-done process. There are multiple treatments over a period and preparing yourself for these treatments. Give yourself time to let the effects sit in and don’t strain yourself after a session.

Therapeutic Stretching – Every day you should be undergoing stretching exercises such as Yoga or even Tai Chi if you feel it centers you and helps with the injured area. The key is to move your body and get it used to work around the injury and thus progress the healing.

Physical Therapy – Finally there is the direct usage of the injured area. This can be anything from gradual weight lifting to extensive workouts used to recover the area.

Therapeutic Massage – To help the muscle soreness resolve itself sooner, massage therapy and moist heat applied to the area is recommended.
Heat usually soothes the soreness, but ice will slow the healing prolotherapy stimulates, so don’t use ice packs.

Tracking your Road to Recovery

wellness consultants genlife miami.Tracking the Months – Proper recovery does not happen overnight. It takes months of dedication to restoring the area to complete and normal functionality, prepare yourself for the journey, not the destination.

Managing Pain – Managing the pain is important. We don’t advise pushing through hard medication when you need to overcome the pain mentally. Remember the pain receptors are your bodies way of signaling for the deployment of healing white blood cells.

Probing the Limits – Gradually test the limits of what you can do and track your performance over time. Is the area becoming stronger? Is there anything you can do to work harder or work less?

GenLife Regenerative Medicine

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