With Gratitude

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Medicine with Gratitude

Dr. Charles Mahl has been mentored by outstanding physicians in Regenerative Medicine

In the course of education and training to become an expert in my chosen field, I have had the opportunity to be mentored by some very outstanding physicians and I would like to thank them personally here: Dr. Alvin Stein, whom I studied with for almost 3 years, being mentored in all aspects of Prolotherapy and Regenerative Medicine. One of the finest healers I have ever known, thank you for the wisdom and knowledge passed down to me. Dr. Gregory Petersburg, thank you and Nancy for showing me that kind and caring physicians are what makes the difference in outcomes for our patients and to Dr. Ross Hauser for his kindness in directing my path into prolotherapy and regenerative medicine and for sharing his thoughts.

Many other physicians have also crossed my path too, and I have always found something beneficial and worthwhile in our discussions; Dr. Brian Shiple, Dr. Tommy Bond, Dr. Tom Ravin, Dr. Bjorn Eck, Dr. Mark Sinnreich, and to Drs Hackett and Hemwall, who started all of us on the path of Regenerative Injection Therapies and Prolotherapy, I thank you all.

Charles F. Mahl MD FACS FICS