Here what some of our patients have said:

  • Dr Mahl is the doctor to see if you have any type chronic pain condition: knees, shoulders, back, feet, or just about anywhere else. His knowledge and trainin[...]

  • Dr. Mahl was great. I came to see him with bad knees and he spoke to me in detail about my problems and I was relieved that I could try something that may ben[...]

  • I had been looking for a physician to take care of my health for some time. My previous general doctor was more interested in my sick needs rather than my hea[...]

  • I’ve been to 3 orthopedists and had physical therapy and did massage and yoga but nothing had ever stopped my pain. Upon recommendation of a friend, I went [...]

  • Dr Mahl of GenStem Prolotherapy Institute treated my lumbar spine and sacroiliac joints with prolotherapy. My previous doctors always treated me with cortison[...]

  • Dr Mahl did prolotherapy on my shoulder after several doctors tried steroid shots, which didn’t work. I am now pain free after only one session and I’m grateful for finding out about pro[...]
  • I was desperate to have something done for my hip pain and having already been told I needed a total hip replacement, I felt I had nothing to lose by seeking out alternatives and I was advis[...]
  • When I come to see Dr Mahl, everyone in the office treats me as if I’m part of the family and the office feels like home. I love the privacy and feeling of exclusivity and importance that [...]
  • The best preventive aging protocols around. Makes me feel good about myself and what I want to accomplish.[...]
  • My hormones were out of whack and I felt terrible. Dr Mahl explained what was happening in terms I could understand and the treatment and medicines has worked wonders in making me feel bette[...]
  • I came from Quito, Ecuador to see the doctor at GenLife Regenerative Medicine and I was so glad. He listened to me and did blood work and testing and then dis[...]

  • This is the nicest doctor’s office I have ever been in and the entire staff including Dr Mahl makes you feel special. What an experience. You get what you pay for and for me, it’s worth [...]
  • Everyone made us feel comfortable and all of the staff were compassionate, personable, professional, helpful, and friendly. They always welcomed our questions[...]