Precision Medicine

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DNA sequencing allows us to tailor medical treatments for individual patients to improve outcomes and even prevent future disease diagnosis with the use of precision medicine.

By having our patient’s entire genomic sequence available in their medical records, we can be able to find better drugs and cancer treatments that can lead to better outcomes and more accurate diagnosis.

Prevent drug side effects by comparing how your genetic makeup will react to different drug treatments using a technique called pharmacogenomics. Prevent some diseases by locating the disease-specific mutations and providing accurate risk assessment.

Diagnosing mystery diseases- By sequencing your DNA, we can see your disease susceptibilities and compare any mutations to those of other patients who have rare diagnosis.

Liquid cancer diagnosis- We are getting closer to examining fluid in the body instead of performing a tissue biopsy to make a cancer diagnosis and examine your DNA and determine the cancer’s specific genetic profile so we have a real chance of eradicating it.

DNA prenatal testing- Today, parents and doctors can already make a variety of genetic alterations to the baby before the baby is even born, based on the baby’s DNA sequence, which is taken using non-invasive techniques.