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Prolotherapy Workshops – Physicians Training

These are the upcoming lectures, trainings and seminars directed by Dr Mahl:

  • March, 31-April 2, 2017:   AOAPRM Prolotherapy and Regenerative Med Conference –  San Diego, CA (speaker)

  • April 19-22, 2017:  AAOM Annual Conference – Seattle, WA

  • Aug 23-24th: Tissue Science 2017 Conference – San Francisco, CA (speaker)



Introduction to Prolotherapy with Platelet Rich Plasma Injections (Available upon request)

Where: GenLife Regenerative Medicine – Westin Colonnade Hotel – 2333 Ponce de Leon Blvd, Suite 302. Coral Gables FL 33134

  • Learn the fundamentals of Regenerative Injection Therapy starting with comprehensive dextrose prolotherapy and why it works.
  • Patients’ pain and ligaments and tendon evaluation.
  • Practice your skills on cadaver specimens to gain experience and competence.
  • Lectures in chronic pain, anatomy and history and taking physical examination
  • Indications and contraindications for prolotherapy
  • Palpation techniques
  • Guidelines for prolotherapy
  • Protocols for prolotherapy, Informed Consents, Solutions, Treatment Guidelines, Flowcharts
  • Injection Sites
  • Injection Techniques
  • Solutions, Syringes, Needles
  • Needle Guidance using Ultrasound in Prolotherapy (Day 2 only)
  • When to use C-Arm Fluoroscopy in Prolotherapy (Day 2 only)

This course is designed as an introduction to prolotherapy, in which you will learn the fundamentals of regenerative injection therapy, why it works, starting with comprehensive dextrose prolotherapy and followed by Platelet Rich Plasma injections.

You will practice your skills on Cadaver specimens to gain experience and competence.

Protocols, informed consents, treatment forms and flow charts will be provided to take home and use in your practice.

Pertinent articles and handouts will be provided to take home.

Each 8-hour day will focus on prolotherapy of the most common area

Knee Prolotherapy / Shoulder Prolotherapy / Hip Prolotherapy / Lumbar Spine Prolotherapy / Iliolumbar and Sacroiliac Prolotherapy

For More Information: Contact Mariana Silva at GLRM 305 332-7234

Our courses are either one-to-one or in group, and given monthly as necessary. Our training program is highly individualized for the level of skill of the practitioner. We teach regenerative injection techniques under guidance with ultrasound, C arm fluoroscopy and head, hand and heart (we don’t do blind injections). We will demonstrate neck, shoulder, lumbar spine, sacro­iliac, hip, knee and ankle prolotherapy and give the practitioner the knowledge and understanding of how to evaluate and diagnose those patients who may benefit from prolotherapy and the principles and techniques of treatment. These fundamental skills will enable the physician to take the basics of prolotherapy and apply it to their patients in their own practice setting. It doesn’t get any better than one on one training for knowledge acquisition and sharing of information in an atmosphere of collegiality. Protocols, informed consent, flow charts, pre and post treatment instructions, patient selection, marking techniques, and prolotherapy formulas will be discussed.

For patients suffering from chronic pain due to injuries that remain unhealed, prolotherapy can often be beneficial in relieving the pain and healing the root cause of the injury by tightening the loose ligaments and tendons.

The goal of training is to allow the practitioner to get started in regenerative medicine, learning basic to advanced techniques according to their experience and skill levels; to treat ligament laxity, joint problems, tendinosis, and spasms.

GenLife Regenerative Medicine/GenStem Prolotherapy Institute for Regenerative Medicine offers physician, nursing and health care professionals stem cell education and training, specializing in the latest hands-­on techniques and technologies in our office through lectures/seminars/workshops and actual patient demonstrations. Our training courses will give you the necessary background and understanding and the introductory skills required for the indications and performance of platelet rich plasma injections, bone marrow aspirates and mini liposuction for stem cells. Your education will include hands ­on training with Dr Mahl and patients ad the sharing of knowledge among physicians and other health care practitioners. Training consists of obtaining a basic knowledge of platelet rich plasma, bone marrow aspirates for stem cells and liposuction for stromal vascular fractions (adipose tissue derived stem cells) indications, techniques, protocols, informed consent, and laboratory preparation of and specific harvesting protocols for autologous adult stem cells and platelet rich plasma. Physicians will become knowledgeable and now have a basic amount of information and understanding to begin to implement these protocols into their practice, understand currently treated conditions, and/or to seek further advanced knowledge in this field, and development of skills, and be confident in evaluating the literature and research, and know what medical and surgical products, instruments, medications and tools to use, the set up required and where to obtain them from appropriate vendors.

Please contact our office to schedule your personalized education from Dr. Mahl or participate in the group courses (limited to 6 physicians at a time) which are usually given monthly. We make these courses practical and easily accessible to busy practitioners who are interested in stem cells and for those who will be able to perform these techniques back in their office depending on their skill level and background. In addition to using the office of GenLife Regenerative Medicine and GenStem Prolotherapy Institute, we are conveniently located in the Westin Colonnade Hotel and we use the hotel conference rooms. Registered physicians, nurses, other healthcare professionals and guests are welcome to stay in the hotel at special rates. This makes it highly convenient to get the most out of the training course.

Our office can arrange these accommodations for you. Contact the office at or call 305-332­-7234.