Planning your Visit


Ponce de Leon Coral Gables GenLifeEverything about seeing your doctor is different here, along with the location and office too.

Ponce De Leon and Miracle MileTalk about a location for a practice that specializes in Regenerative Medicine, Anti-Aging and Pain Relief, along with just the right amount of Aesthetics and where would you be? Of course, it would have to be the corner of Ponce De Leon Blvd (the Fountain of Youth) and Miracle Mile. Yes. no address gets any better than that.

Westin Coral Gables EntranceOnce you valet your car, you walk into a fine hotel, The Westin BAC Colonnade, in the heart of Coral Gables, Florida. Beautiful marble everywhere you look and a grand ceiling and grand decor, a grand piano sits under a grand marble stairway.

Westin Coral Gables Colonnade RotundaAfter marveling at the grand atrium which serves as a ballroom for the very special families who have their weddings and celebrations there, you take the elevator up to the third floor. You get off on the 3rd floor and enter the large hallway, but there are no signs that say “Doctors Office” or “Regenerative Medicine”, “Anti-Aging”, “Pain Management” or “Aesthetics”. Nothing to direct you to the entrance or tell you what lies behind the two massive double doors of Suite 302. The windows of these entry doors to the Institute are frosted so you can’t see in. You won’t find any signage on the doors or outside on the walls. Your only clue is the “Suite 302” sign that told you this was the right place. So you ring the bell and the doors unlock and you are welcomed and escorted in.

Scheduling patients is a very personalized process that caters to the patient’s desires. The Institute is known for closing its doors all day long or more, to suit a patient’s need for privacy or for any other reason. Dr Mahl and his staff go to great lengths to accommodate the requirements of their national and international business executives, their families and or famous clientele and their families and entourage… Patients come and go without drawing any attention to themselves and no one knows their business. Paparazzi are shooed away and everyone, including the valet to the hotel staff outside the lnstitute doors are educated into providing the security necessary for the Institute’s patients and understand the word “discretion”.

GenLife lobby Regenerative Medicine MiamiInside the office, the Institute projects a cool vibe with warmth and comfort, and a very friendly personal staff that know your name and treat you with respect and service tantamount to a Ritz Carlton yet from a medical practice; they lets you be, walk around, sit and relax, make phone calls, enjoy the sun on the beautiful 1500 sq. feet of outdoor terrace that is furnished for your satisfaction; this is an office you won’t mind spending time in; you can lounge on the terrace and enjoy lunch or you can sit and spend your time in the lounge on the iPad or watch the big screen. Everyone is concerned about all your needs and comfort throughout your visit.
This attention to detail in the delivery of medical care is different and quite an experience. Besides a gourmet lunch, a variety of coffees and teas are available, along with snacks, valet parking is paid for by the Institute, as is your personal parking your car in the garage. If parking or dropped off on the 3rd level of the garage, the entrance to the Westin BAC Colonnade Hotel on that level takes you directly down the hallway 30 steps to the Institute’s double doors, the first doors on the right, “Suite 302”.

The Institute is only 10 minutes from Miami International Airport and the Institute can have a car waiting upon your arrival and for your departure.

For those who elect to stay in the Westin BAC Colonnade Hotel during the duration of their care, the hotel rooms are gorgeous, especially the townhouses and the 5-star restaurant “Mortons Steak House” and 5-star Asian restaurant “Sushi Samba” located on the 1st floor, along with two good breakfast cafes. The surrounding area of Ponce De Leon Blvd and Miracle Mile offer a boundless array of restaurants and nightlife within walking distance.

Suite 302 is all you need to remember. Call Genny Mahl to discuss your personal needs and requirements about becoming a patient with them and getting you feeling better and healthier and pain-free 305.332.7234 or at 844.859.7788.