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Dr. Charles Mahl GenLife Miami

Dr. Charles Mahl

Board Certified Integrative Medicine
Certified Age Management Medicine
FACS Fellow, American College of Surgeons
FICS Fellow, International College of Surgeons

2019 Upcoming Lectures & Workshops

September 4-7, 2019, Machu Picchu, Peru – First Musculoskeletal Regenerative Medicine Workshop – 4 days – 7 fundamental stations – up to 25 doctors.

October 3-5, 2019, Cancun, Mexico – Anatomical Basis of IROM: Palpation & Ultrasound-Guided Injections Using Prolotherapy and PRP – on LIVE PATIENTS. This IROM educational course and medical mission takes place in beautiful Cancún, Mexico, designed to give each physician-learner a direct, hands-on treatment experience with live patients. The Workshop is a high-volume live patient experience, so the physician-learner can expect to personally perform supervised, directed, palpation-guided PRP and Prolotherapy injections on multiple patients. Our host physician and Clinic Coordinator is Dr. Wajid Burad, a Cancún native and Sports Medicine Physician, who coordinates the patient recruitment, treatment, and follow-up care of all the local patients. Course is limited to 21 physician-learners.


October 3 – 5, 2019, Cancun, Mexico – AAOM 300 – Basic Skills Workshop – Anatomical Basis of IROM: Palpation and Ultrasound Guided Injection Skills Utilizing Prolotherapy and PRP through Live Hands-On Training

November 13-17, 2019, Guadalajara, Mexico – AAOM 400 – Advanced PRP, Stem Cells and Intradiscal Spine with IROM.

2018 Missions & Workshops

September 9th-14th – Regenerative Medicine Training and Teaching Workshop and Mission. AAOM Director. Lima, Peru


August 16th to 18 – AAOM Annual Workshop ” Practice Essentials for Interventional Regenerative Orthopedic Medicine Success” – Moderator, Lecturer on “Lab Skills to Improve Stem Cell Concentrations”. Ultrasound Lab Training physicians in Regenerative Medicine. Denver, Colorado

July 27th-29th, 2018 – Florida Academy of Pain Management Annual Conference. Guest lecturer and educational workshop faculty: The New Frontier in Regenerative Medicine

May 10, 2018 – Lecturer, Rotary Club Lecture on Living Healthy

April 18-21, 2018 -Moderator, Scientific Session, AAOM Annual Conference

April 18-21, 2018 -Lecturer, Peripheral Blood Stem Cells, AAOM Annual Conference

April 18-21, 2018 -Lecturer, Intranasal Stem Cells, AAOM Annual Conference

April 18-21, 2018 – Course Director, Platelet Rich Plasma 3hr workshop, AAOM Annual Conference

April 18-21, 2018 -Director, Scientific Presentations and Poster Exhibits, AAOM Annual Conference

April 18-21, 2018 Co Chairman- AAOM, 35th Annual Meeting Conference, American Association of Orthopedic Medicine, Clearwater, FL

April 6-7, 2018 – Dr Mahl trained 5 physicians from Guangzhou, China in Bone Marrow Stem Cells and Platelet Rich Plasma for Regenerative Medicine

March, 2018 – American Association of Orthopedic Medicine 9AAOM) Board of Directors Business Development Retreat in our Genlife Regenerative Medicine offices.

January and February 2018. International Physician training.

December 2017  — Quito Ecuador Mission

October 2017 Guest Lecturer, Prolotherapy Course Director, Regenestem, Havana, Cuba  – Prolotherapy and Regenerative Medicine

September 1-9, 2017 Physician Professor and Faculty, American Association of Orthopedic Medicine, AAOM Mission, Lima, Peru

Regenerative Medicine Conference, San Francisco, California

Prolotherapy, The First Line of Regenerative Medicine

August 22-24, 2017 Keynote Speaker,  6th International Congress on Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine, San Francisco, Calif August 23-24, 2017, Invited Guest Lecturer

August 8-10, 2017 Faculty, AAOM Interventional Workshop, Pensacola, FL

June 2017  —Quito, Ecuador GLRM Mission

May 2017   —Quito, Ecuador GLRM Mission

April 11, 2017  —Guest Lecturer, Miami Dade Chiropractic Association, Coral Gables, FL

Elected to Board of Directors, American Association of Orthopedic Medicine, (AAOM) two year term

April 2017  —American Association of Orthopedic Medicine (AAOM), Seattle, Washington
Instructor, Basic Prolotherapy Course 8 hrs

Proctor and Professor, Prolotherapy  and Regenerative Medicine Cadaver course  (AOAPRM)

March 2017 —Guest Lecturer, American Osteopathic Association of Prolotherapy and Regenerative Medicine (AOAPRM), San Diego, California

March 2017 —GenLife Regenerative Medicine, Quito, Ecuador

February 2017 Miami In Office Physician Training in Prolotherapy

Personalized In Office Physician Training in Regenerative Medicine, February 24, 2017

Personalized In Office Physician Training in Regenerative Medicine, January 9-13, 2017

American Osteopathic Association of Prolotherapy Regenerative Medicine
Regenerative Medicine 1 hr lecture April 2016 San Diego, Calif
Knee Cadaver Dissection and Injection Technique Lab Instructor

Stem Cell Training Course, New York City, N.Y.
March 31-April 3, 2016   PRP, Peripheral Blood
Adipose, Bone Marrow, IV Infusion

Stem Cell Training for Physicians, March 4-6, 2016
Coral Gables, FL – PRP, BMAC/ADcSVF

Prolotherapy Lecture Seminar Training February 5-6, 2016. Coral Gables, FL

Prolotherapy Lecture Seminar. Coral Gables, FL January 13, 2016


American Association of Orthopedic Medicine Prolotherapy Workshop
Faculty Member / Physician Course Instructor, November 5-12, 2016
Guadalajara, Mexico 49 CME AMA hrs

First International Conference on Regenerative Medicine and Cellular Therapies
Havana, Cuba October 13-15, 2016
Dr Mahl guest lecturer on Prolotherapy and Course Director, Prolotherapy 8hrs workshop
Dr Mahl was invited to Cuba as a recognized expert in the filed along with Dr. Arnold Caplan Ph.D of CWRU, Dr. Rocky S. Tuan PhD of University of Pittsburgh, Dr. Joshua Hare of the University of Miami and Dr Anthony Atala of Wake Forest University; these doctors are considered the leaders in the field of Regenerative Medicine

July 9-12, 2015 Vera Cruz, Mexico
International Congress of Aesthetic Surgery
Prolotherapy/Platelet Rich Plasma/Stem Cells
Regenerative Medicine The New Frontier

February 24-27, 2015 Bogota, Colombia
2nd Simposio Internacional de Celulas Madre
Stem Cell Therapies for Incurable Eye Diseases

World Symposium in Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine, South American Academy of Cosmetic Medicine and Surgery XVI International Congress of Aesthetic Medicine and Cosmetic Surgery
October 2-4 2014 Buenos Aires, Argentina
History of Regenerative Medicine
Methods of Collection and Processing of Stem Cells From Adipose Tissue


GLRM Patient Education Seminars, Tuesday evenings monthly 2017, Westin Colonnade Conference Room, Coral Gables, Florida

Research Investigator

  1. Clarity Research and Consulting – Investigator for IRB Approved Observational Studies
  2. Neokine Laboratories -Enplaf Growth Factors and Mini Lipo Stem Cell Kits
  3. 2M Engineering – Platelet Cell counter Prototype

Radio Shows        

In 2016 he was a guest on the Health Professional Radio Show, US and Canada, Neil Howards Show discussing Prolotherapy and Stem Cells Regenerative Medicine and Age Management Medicine and Weight Loss

Frequent guest expert on the Dr. Alvin Stein Show, Florida AM Radio, talking about Regenerative Medicine.