Advisory Boards

Dr. Charles Mahl GenLife Miami

Dr. Charles Mahl
Board Certified Integrative Medicine
Certified Age Management Medicine
FACS Fellow, American College of Surgeons
FICS Fellow, International College of Surgeons

Medical Advisory Boards of International Regenerative Medicine Companies

  1. Medical Advisory Board, Global Stem Cells Group, Inc (International Stem Cell Company)
  2. Medical Advisory Board, Regenestem Stem Cells Inc (International Stem Cell Company)
  3. Medical Advisory Board, Neokine Laboratories   (Growth Factors and Liposuction SVF Products)
  4. Neokine Laboratories – ENPLAF (Enriched PRP) and Mini-Stem (Fat grafts/adipose stem cells for MSK)
  5. Tithon Biotech – licensing agreement for PBSC-PRP

Board of Directors

American Association of Orthopedic Medicine, 2017-2019  (by nomination and election)

Founder and Director

  1. GenLife Regenerative Medicine
  2. Prolotherapy Centers of America