Our Mission: Providing high level state of the art regenerative medicine treatments to our patients while placing great value on our service, attention, and expertise in the most private setting. 

“This is both an art and science which I enjoy doing very much” – Dr. Charles F. Mahl
Dr. Charles Mahl and Bryant McKinnie
“Dr. Charles Mahl & former NFL Player Bryant Mckinnie”

The brainchild of Dr. Charles F Mahl, MD and Genny Castillo Mahl, who saw the need for top of the line personalized regenerative medical care in a unique setting and that could provide exclusivity for patients. Lots of fancy and famous people seek care here, and privacy is valued highly. People from all walks of life, “successful” in many ways, can relax and be off guard here as their needs are attended to and not worry about being “discovered” or having to deal with fans.

The field of Regenerative Medicine is new and innovative, and patients pay for these treatments personally because they are not yet covered by insurance since insurance companies usually lag 5-10 years behind anything new.
The costs can vary from several hundred dollars to thousands of dollars, but people are willing to pay because they understand the value received from Dr. Mahl and his staff, and they see this as an investment in making their body better. They can picture the relief of their joint or back pain, reduced to a comfortable level or none at all. They can visualize a return of comfortably walking, possibly without limping. They can perceive a return to the athletics they had enjoyed previously and which they so desire to do again. They understand this investment in living a healthy lifespan and not being sickly. So they see a value far beyond the price, and that’s what important to them. The possibility of really helping themselves is better. They get a lot for their money here, and they are not concerned nor do they have “sticker shock”.

Dr. Mahl has said he has had some patients who question if they can afford his services and treatments but once they see the value, the price becomes a moot point. For some folks, the price of care may still be “out of budget” but they still understand the value received here is quite different from anywhere else, and these patients often find a way to afford our care. This isn’t a problem for their patient population who willingly pay to have the most current exciting treatments for healing and relief of pain and restoration of mobility. These patients understand and place great value on the services and attention they receive from Dr. Mahl and his staff. Stem Cell Therapy offers much hope for the repair of injured tissue and restoration of function. Many diseases and illness and injuries, previously thought incurable or chronic are now being treated with some form of stem cell therapy and the results look like we are on the verge of a big change in how medicine is delivered.

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Regenerative Medicine is the new frontier of medical care, providing new treatments for diseases and injuries once incurable or chronic with prolotherapy, platelet rich plasma (PRP), and/or stem cells using bone marrow. Dr. Mahl trains other physicians on these treatments throughout the world. He uses image guidance ultrasound and/or C-Arm Fluoroscopy to achieve the best results in treating chronic pain due to ligament and tendon issues. Essentially all musculoskeletal or orthopedic problems, injuries and diseases.

For those people suffering from any painful joints, be it low backs, sacroiliac pain, neck pain, hip pain, knee pain, and the like, Dr Charles Mahl MD, Medical Director of GenLife Regenerative Medicine and GenStem Prolotherapy Institute for Regenerative Medicine, cares for patients, both young and old, from high school athletes to elite athletes, with a combination of “Regenerative Injection Therapies” including, but not limited to prolotherapy, platelet rich plasma, cytokines, peptides and stem cells. He takes cells from the bone marrow through your iliac crest or tibia. Pretty amazing stuff.

Dr. Mahl finally gets rid of your chronic low back ache, or the nagging aching knee pain or hip or that painful tennis elbow or golfers elbow that has been bothering you for some time. The rates of improvement in lessening of pain or even complete pain relief are dramatic and, besides treating first time injuries, a large number of his patients are those who have run the gamet of “21st century medical care,” having had surgeries and steroid injections and other things, but who are still suffering from pain. The regenerative techniques and therapies performed here at GLRM help patients who were often given up on, recover useful movement and pain relief.

Another aspect of  Regenerative Medicine is age management medicine which involves slowing down the ravages of aging by learning how to make the right choices for your mind and body and enjoy the process of aging gracefully with as good health as possible. This involves the regulation of the hormones, cytokines, peptides and growth factors, among other things, along with the proper supplementation of vitamins and nutraceuticals to reduce the inflammation in the body that causes all of us to suffer from chronic diseases and age faster than we should. It’s much more complex and detailed than this one sentence description, but if one follows the course, you will be rewarded with the best possible quality of life you can have and enjoy the fullest life you can have; maybe even live longer or, at least better. A long life and good health rather than longevity but with illness or poor health. And don’t forget the benefits from a sexual or intimacy perspective too. Better muscle strength, energy and strong bones also. We all need to feel better and vital and productive.

As a physician who also specializes in regenerative medicine preventative aging or age management medicine, Dr. Mahl doesn’t wait for events to happen and then treat. “We look to find a potential problem at the earliest possible time often when it is most difficult to diagnose but much easier to treat.” “This is both an art and a science which I enjoy doing very much.” Most regular physicians are busy worrying about sick patients and are too busy to often provide adequate time to attend to your needs. They tend to view the aging process as inevitable. Too often, complaints about aches, pains, fatigue, weight gain, loss of libido, or other preventable and reversible conditions are chalked up to just part of getting older. “Chances are your doctor will say, ‘What do you want? You’re not 22 anymore.” Dr. Mahl and his Staff at GenZone Age Management Medicine (read more about Anti Aging Medicine Miami) are oriented towards wellness and leading a healthy life and take a proactive approach to your care. They are interested in your exercise history and fitness, your diet and nutrition, your hormonal blood panels, your libido and your biomarkers of aging. They look at how to reduce your chances for disease by optimizing your hormones, reducing her cardiovascular risk, determining and searching for any heavy metal toxicities and food or allergy sensitivities and balance the amino acids and neurotransmitters in your brain. More and more people are looking forward to enjoying a long optimally healthy life and being productive. They don’t want to have a long unhealthy life. These patients are not concerned about the cost or limitations of their insurance as they want the best 21st Century regenerative preventive anti-aging medicine available and are willing to pay for it.

In the current in-and-out health care system, patients are used to being shuffled through with little more than a few minutes of the doctor’s attention. Not so if you’re going to see Dr. Mahl. This is not a lunch break appointment.