PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma Prolotherapy) for ACL Injuries

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Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) prolotherapy is a popular treatment that makes use of leukocytes, platelets, plasma proteins and red blood cells. The blood content and its amount differ per patient and will depend on the doctor’s evaluation. The blood samples are spun in a centrifuge to isolate the plasma, which then will be injected into the injured area to accelerate healing. 

This type of treatment has been significant in sports medicine, particularly for anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries. As a form of regenerative medicine, this treatment allows athletes faster recovery times from knee injuries that otherwise would have sidelined them from playing for several months.

PRP treatment is recommended by Dr. Charles Mahl as these injections work like a therapy that enhances the body’s natural healing abilities. This treatment is available at GenLife regenerative medicine in South Florida.

How PRP Prolotherapy Heals ACL Injury 

Platelet cells naturally increase around the soft tissues of the affected knee when a person sustains an injury, such as a sprain, a tear or rupture of the ligaments. It is a major healing tool, which the body activates during an injury. Thus, blood clots form around the affected area to facilitate “cellular migration, proliferation, and angiogenesis,” according to a study on Blood journal. 

This is basically the rationale behind a PRP prolotherapy. Injecting a platelet-rich plasma on the ACL injury site can intensify the body’s healing process as its properties are heightened. 

The treatment needs to be administered by a professional for several sessions, which may be undertaken over a period of three to six months, depending on the severity. A doctor might inject the injured area at least four to 16 times per session. 

Benefits of PRP Prolotherapy to ACL Injury

A recent study from the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine has shown that patients without PRP prolotherapy were 17% more likely to re-injure their knees following a meniscus repair surgery. Thus, experts deemed that this procedure can substantially be utilized as an effective ACL treatment. 

Another study in the Journal of Translational Medicine showed that PRP prolotherapy may be a viable alternative to surgical reconstruction of ACL injuries, especially for grade 1, 2 and non-retracted grade 3 tears. 

PRP can be beneficial because:

  • It is all-natural as the blood samples come from the patient himself. 
  • It is minimally invasive and allows a faster recovery time compared to surgery.
  • It can reduce pain better than anti-inflammatory medication or pain relievers, which can additionally be addictive.
  • It can improve, stabilize and strengthen the joints. 

PRP Prolotherapy: After the Procedure

Following the procedure, the knees could swell for a few days – it’s a normal side effect. The patient is assured that the doctor administering the treatments must be completely qualified.  If the injection is not done properly, the site might get infected.

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