Prolotherapy: How can this Treatment Help Manage your Pain?

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Prolotherapy is also known as regenerative injection therapy. It is an alternative treatment method used to repair ligaments and connective tissue. This kind of therapy promotes long-term to permanent pain relief by stimulating cell growth and tissue repair. Therefore, allowing the body to repair itself. Conditions such as chronic tendonitis, arthritis, whiplash, degenerative disc disease, joint sprains, tennis elbow, and osteoarthritis responds well to this therapy. In fact, 80% of patients who have received this kind of treatment reported that their results from the therapy have been amazing.

Our trained and certified pain management doctor in Coral Gables can determine if prolotherapy is the best option for you to manage your pain.

pain management doctor in Coral Gables

How does prolotherapy support pain treatment?

Here’s how effective prolotherapy works to treat different kinds of conditions associated with pain. After the therapy, a person can usually return to his or her regular activities without any pain.

  • With the use of a local anesthetic, a concentrated solution of natural substances, such as dextrose, saline and sarapin is injected directly into the targeted areas, like ligaments, tendons, or articular capsule.
  • The solution stimulates the body’s natural ability to rebuild these tissues, prompting new growth of ligaments or tendon fibers.
  • Multiple treatment sessions produce additional growth in tissues to renew and strengthen the affected body part.
  • The treatment plan is mostly done every two to six weeks until complete healing is achieved.

What’s the procedure like?

Before the procedure, your doctor may ask you to:

  • Stop taking anti-inflammatory medications for 3 days
  • Eat foods that include protein

These are necessary to achieve a good response to the treatment from your body.  

The procedure is often performed in a medical office and the session lasts for approximately 30 minutes. This  includes the preparation, treatment and recovery time.

What to expected after the procedure?

After the procedure, you may feel a mild swelling and stiffness in the area, but this will only occur temporarily.  In some cases, patients acquire the improvements after their initial session, while others may obtain the results after multiple sessions. According to our pain management doctor in Coral Gables, many patients have been permanently cured through this therapy and are back to doing their regular activities.

Prolotherapy also poses lesser risks compared to having a surgery. The procedure is relatively simple because it doesn’t require general anesthesia or hospital stays. It also doesn’t require a long recovery period and the chances of acquiring an infection are assuringly low.

Our pain management doctor in Coral Gables specializes in the evaluation, diagnosis and treatments of different pain conditions. If you think prolotherapy might work for your type of pain, consult your doctor to develop a deeper understanding of your treatment options.  

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