Prolotherapy for Pain Management

Pain Management
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What is Prolotherapy

Prolotherapy Prolotherapy is a nonsurgical treatment which stimulates healing of the underlying cause of joint pain and instability. Prolotherapy is also known as regenerative injection therapy. By using a dextrose solution, combining B12 with a local anesthetic, we can redirect your bodies regenerative system to create a concentrated effort from your body to heal a specific area.

This irritant will force your body to send its daughter t-cells to the location which will, in turn, increase a number of white blood cells and protein to the area which stimulates faster regeneration of ligaments and muscle tissue. Read more about Prolotherapy in Miami.

The Dangers of Consistent Pain

Pain ManagementAn average of 20-25% people living in the U.S. suffers from chronic pain. Lower back pain, being the most common form of chronic pain. While living with chronic pain is painful on the person and causes unnecessary detriments psychologically; there are also many biological problems that occur within the pain due to chronic pain.

The way that pain is registered in the brain could be prematurely killing off brain cells. When a nerve cell is sending a distress signal to the corresponding neuron in the brain, it can potentially wear out the neuron and cause cell death. While your body creates more cells all the time, brain cells are highly specialized and can cause long term problems for the healthiness of your brain. Read more about Pain Management in Miami.

With this information in mind, it is understandable why people seek out prolotherapy. While most people will treat chronic pain with drugs that relieve the suffering of pain, it does little to stop the nerves from actually firing. With prolotherapy, we are directly treating the area which can over time heal the area, relieving pain and increasing the healthiness of your brain.

GenLife Regenerative Medicine

With GenLife, we are constantly working to provide the highest quality services for our patients. We have helped numerous people over the years get a better handle on their pain, and this is due to the spearheading of Dr. Charles Mahl. Dr. Mahl works incessantly to push forward the art of prolotherapy. If you or a loved one are in chronic pain and need relief, then you need to give yourselves the best treatment in the field. Give us a call today for a consultation and schedule a meeting (844) 859-7788