Preventing Lower Back Pain!

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Lower Back Pain

Preventing Lower Back Pain!

Lower Back Pain can give you an incredibly difficult life. Back pain can inhibit your moving, and it can also cause extra stress on the spine and the nervous system. If you want to live a better life, then you need to learn the fundamentals of preventing lower back pain.

How to Prevent Lower Back PainLower Back Pain

Stretching – As with all muscular groups, you need to know how to stretch and when to stretch. Most athletes swear behind the philosophy that you can’t stretch a cold muscle. So make sure to do a light workout before stretching and be thorough.

Proper Posture – Many people believe that their butts area lower back, but that can’t be any less true. To properly sit and walk you need to coordinate with your sit bones. Your sit bones are the bony parts at the bottom of your butts, and they are there for sitting!

Learn Technique – When it comes to lifting, weights, boxes, whatever, you need to be able to lift properly. To lift properly, you need to learn proper lifting technique. There are countless blogs and moving companies that teach proper lifting technique; we include one here just for reference.

Being Smart – You also need just to be smart. Don’t go jumping off buildings or working out when your body clearly needs rest. The back is a giant sheet of fibrous muscles all tightly knitted together. IF one area hurts, it probably means the surrounding area hurts!


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