5 Ways to Prevent Ankle Pain!

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5 Ways to Prevent Ankle Pain!

Ankle Pain and Ankle Injuries are treatable but can be avoidable. If it goes unignored, it has the potential to be life altering, but you need to learn more about how to prevent ankle pain and what we can do to help you if you receive ankle injuries.

Ways to Prevent Ankle Painankle pain

Proper Footwear – The biggest thing that we noticed is that people don’t wear proper footwear. Having proper padding, insoles, and properly supported shoes are a great way to maintain the healthiness and form of your ankles.

Stretching – There are so many complex and minuscule muscles and bones in your ankle and feet that need constant care and affection. Just like any other part of the body that can come into injury, stretching will do wonders.

Mindful of your Surroundings – While it is impossible to know the unforeseeable, it is important to do your best to anticipate it. Potholes, uneven grounds, false bottoms and other traps can severely injure your ankle, and you need to be mindful of their presence.

Proper Posture – Standing and Sitting often means keeping your ankles in a resting position. When you are walking, make sure you are properly stepping and not rolling your ankle. When you are sitting, make sure you are not pushing your ankle in any unnatural positions.

Learn Correct Movement – Similar to when you are walking, when you are running; you need to be mindful of how your foot falls on the ground and how you spring up for momentum. If you run or move in a way that puts your ankle at risk, you need to minimize the risk as much as possible!

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