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What are BioMarkers

Biomarkers of Aging GenLife MiamiBefore we can delve into what makes PhysioAge testing so great, we need to discuss biomarkers and how they help us determine how your body is performing.

Biomarkers are biological molecules that are found in the blood, tissue, and bodily fluids. These biomarkers indicate how well the body is doing. The state of the biomarker is in direct correlation to the overall health of the body and more specifically the region in which it is being tracked.

You can Read More about Biomarkers Here.

What is PhysioAge

Pulmo Age measures pulmonary functionBy using these biomarkers, we can gather information that will enable us to help you take control the future of your health. We believe it’s important to measure the arteries, brain, bones, skin, muscle, eyes and adjust therapy to optimize each systems function. This is the crux of the difference between our approach to managing to age and that of most other practices.

When we find these biomarkers, the whole process is very easy. We believe that these biomarkers of aging can be improved through the proper use of age management therapies and our patients can potentially watch their physiological age stabilize or even decrease over time.

However, PhysioAge is just the name of the umbrella service that we offer. PhysioAge offers a comprehensive understanding of every biomarker within your body. However, we provide a dozen different initiatives through PhysioAge such as

  • PulmoAgeC
  • CardioAge
  • CutoAge
  • NeuroAge
  • And More


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