Personal Injury Pain Management

personal injury pain management miami

Have you been in road traffic accidents, accident at work, home or accident while you were on a holiday? 

At GenLife Regenerative Medicine, we are here to help. If you were recently in an auto accident, you need to be examined. Often, accident victims do not notice any pain or other symptoms until days or weeks after the accident. It is necessary for the injured individuals to seek treatment right away, so they have the best chances for a successful recovery. 

We have worked with claim adjusters, insurance companies, and personal injury/slip and fall lawyers for many years and we know the type of reports and documentation that is needed. We do all of the paperwork and work closely with your attorney so that your claim is handled quickly and easily. Your job is to get better and pain free.

Some of the more commonly treated injuries involve the following:

  • Neuromuscular pain – causes muscle pain and nerve pain, can take place anywhere in the body
  • Low back pain – creates difficulty performing easy everyday functions, like going to the bathroom
  • Neck pain – causes the neck to be tense and stiff, making it difficult for one to move their head at all 

High-quality pain management treatment in Miami

Pain management treatment options vary for each patient, as managing someone’s pain is dependent on their particular injury. At our Miami pain clinic our services for patients include treating all spinal and joint problems for their personal injury case. Our years of experience and wide selection of non-invasive options make us an excellent choice for patients in the greater Miami area and surrounding areas. 

We use minimally-invasive, non-narcotic pain relief options as well as the latest in medical technology, including regenerative injections, to help our patients achieve the level of quality of life they’ve been striving for, often without the risks involved in surgery.   

Our process includes an extensive exploration of a patient’s medical history and circumstances in order to create a unique treatment plan for each case. Our goal is to help our patients restore or drastically improve their quality of life. We do this through a wide variety of treatment options for numerous spine, neck, back, hip, shoulder, etc and chronic pain issues. 

At GenLife Regenerative Medicine, we offer a dedicated & specialized personal injury pain relief team

At GenLife Regenerative Medicine, we offer a dedicated team for handling personal injury matters. This team is focused on assisting patients who fall victim to circumstance and need state-of-the-art medical attention. Lien basis medical treatment does not involve any adverse consequences on your case. The bill will be paid by the person at fault for your injuries, or their insurance carrier. This ensures that those struck by the worst fates still receive the immediate care they rightly deserve – top of the line – utilizing the latest in medical innovations and technology. 

We specialize in minimally-invasive treatments, such as:


Patient Care on a Lien Basis for Personal Injuries

When a patient suffers a serious injury and experiences chronic pain as a result of certain circumstances, they may be entitled to compensation. It is of the utmost importance that the patient receives the proper treatment for their pain to ensure they receive the appropriate compensation. We can take care of you on a lien basis, which allows the doctor to see you immediately, without requiring upfront payment or medical insurance at the time of treatment. This service is coordinated together with your attorney. 

Because we value the importance of swift intervention and effective, minimally-invasive treatments, we are diligent about our scheduling. No unnecessary waiting periods or outrageous appointments scheduling – just a complete focus on your immediate wellbeing and continued good health. Our prompt scheduling helps you on your way to receiving the treatment you need to live your best life.

When you are injured through no fault of your own and you are now in pain, then finding a way for you to manage that pain is important. Whether what you are experiencing is minimal or excruciating, you will need to find relief so you can function. Being in pain can be debilitating and have a negative effect on your lifestyle. There is no longer any reason for you to suffer.

For personal injury inquiries, please contact:  

Stephanie Colon | Personal Injury Specialist (305) 332-7234

Now it is time for you to take control of your pain. While the pain is due to no fault of your own, the sooner you address it by using available pain regenerative management options, the sooner you work toward becoming pain free. 

GenLife Regenerative Medicine Miami – Further Information

To receive detailed information about our pain management treatment in Miami, contact our clinic directly at 305.332.7234 or schedule an appointment.  We will be happy to assist you!


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