Eye Stem Cells Treatments

Eye Stem Cells Treatments Miami

Eye Stem Cells Treatments

Dr. Mahl combines his two interests – Optic and Retinal Degeneration with
Regenerative Medicine

Dr. Mahl is eminently qualified to treat eye diseases and injuries, usually incurable with stem cells. He is a Board Certified Ophthalmologist with Specialty training in VitreoRetinal Diseases and Surgery and was elected to the Retina Hall of Fame-as one of 243 Retinal specialists throughout the world recognized for their contributions to the field of vitreo-retinal diseases and surgery. He was a Board Member of the American Society of Retinal Specialists for over 15 years and has lectured and trained doctors in the field of Vitreo-Retinal Surgery before his entrance into the field of Regenerative Medicine, for which he now is regarded as an expert and teaches all over the world and serves on the Advisory Board of numerous Stem Cell companies and on the Board of Directors of the American Academy/Association of Orthopedic Medicine. He is known for innovations in Stem Cell treatments and Regenerative Medicine, researching and assisting in the development of new methods to do PRP, growth factors and improving the instrumentation for liposuction for fat stem cells.

Combining his two interests – Optic and Retinal Degeneration with Regenerative Medicine; both fields where he is a recognized expert, gives his patients the best chance of success and access to treatments by a physician with credentials no one else has. He doesn’t give or “sell” worthless eye drops presumably made from your stem cells for these serious and previously incurable conditions nor give false hope, as these eye drops do not penetrate the structures deep in the eye to cause any regeneration. He has used eye drops to treat limited corneal diseases and some forms of glaucoma that can penetrate the trabecular meshwork and reduce some of the intraocular pressure in the eye and thus reduce damage to the optic nerve secondarily. Dr Mahl will give you the real explanations behind the stem cell treatments and he understands everything about your eyes, having performed over 20,000 Laser Eye Surgeries and thousands of Vitre-Retinal surgeries, including macular degeneration, retinal detachment, retinal hemorrhages,vein occlusions, and the like.

If you want the best Stem Cell doctor for your eyes, there is no one better.

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