Genny Castillo Mahl | GenLife CEO

Genny Castillo Mahl – CEO – GenLife Regenerative Medicine

Genny was born and raised in Toronto, Canada to parents of Ecuadorian and Colombian descent. She is fluent in English, Spanish and French. A graduate of York University in Toronto with a business and finance background, Genny has been successful in all her past endeavors. At a young age, she had the opportunity to study and live in California and Quito, Ecuador. She was instrumental in building one of the largest importing and exporting rose businesses in the country of Ecuador. She has traveled the world for business, creating opportunities and dealing with many nationalities and diverse cultures. Genny is an astute business woman and knows how to run companies in a big way.

Her life changed course when she met her husband Dr. Mahl, and she turned her attention from international business to medicine; a long passion for her. She has participated on Medical Missions and developed a strong desire to help those less fortunate, especially children. Genny and Dr. Mahl do at least one medical mission a year in third world or developing countries. She frequently assists Dr. Mahl in Regenerative Injection Therapies and has developed the Aesthetics aspects of the practice. She teaches side by side with him and translates for him when the occasion calls for that, which is often in South America. She has expertise in Preventive Aging and Aesthetics, using all types of Lasers and high-tech innovative treatments that work. She is a certified personal trainer, a certified laser technician and laser safety instructor, a notary public and phlebotomist. She also has advanced training in Nutrition, Supplements and Nutraceuticals, Comprehensive Aesthetics, Biomarkers of Aging (Physioage), and Living Younger for a healthy lifespan for men and women. Besides her medical responsibilities, as CEO of GenLife Regenerative Medicine, she takes care of all the business and financial aspects of running this large medical practice and handling all the various requests for services that come from patients that expect the best and demand the highest quality and exclusivity. She has a competitive drive to be the best she can be and she makes sure that the experience at GenLife Regenerative Medicine is unsurpassed.