Let’s Prevent Disease rather than Create Disease

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Consider the following U.S. estimates:

  1. In-hospital adverse reactions to prescribed drugs 2.2 million per year
  2. Unnecessary medical and surgical procedures performed 7.5 million per year
  3. Number of people exposed to unnecessary hospitalization 8.9 milion per year
  4. Unnecessary antibiotics prescribed for viral infections 20 million per year 2.2 million per year 7.5 million per year 8.9 million per year. 20 million per year

By one recent estimate, the annual mortality associated with conventional medical intervention approaches 800,000 per year. In contrast, heart disease, the recognized leading killer in the U.S., accounts for 700,000 premature deaths annually. This would make the American medical system the new leading cause of death and injury in the U.S.!

The degenerative diseases of aging are already one of humankind’s greatest challenges: heart disease, cancer, strokes, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease prematurely kill and disable millions of people worldwide. Yet nearly all aging-related diseases occur needlessly, because more than 75% of them are preventable. Now add to this list the preventable deaths due to medical interventions.

America’s baby boomers and seniors spend more than a trillion dollars a year to diagnose and treat their diseases. The sad fact is, those same diseases are basically preventable and frequently reversible. Most Americans think they are “well” as long as an illness has not yet been diagnosed. However, the average person, through a lifetime of unhealthy choices, is in the process of creating disease. The very same choices are also the most effective means to reduce your exposure to potentially avoidable medical interventions, medical errors, and needless medical expenses.

The average person won’t call his or her doctor until after a medical problem exists, as opposed to seeing the doctor to prevent it. Furthermore, most doctors are not focused exclusively on aggressive disease prevention and health optimization. If you aspire, however, to fully restore your potential health, prevent aging-related diseases, and minimize unnecessary medical intervention, then make arrangements to consult with Dr. Mahl and his team at GenLife Regenerative Medicine can help you start your path to a healthy lifespan.