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Nutriton TherapyWeight loss and weight management are excellent ways to extend your life naturally and live a fuller, happier life. While exercise is the best way to trim weight fast, it must go hand in hand with proper nutrition. Nutrition is the process of obtaining the food necessary for health and growth. But for a lot of people in South Florida, they don’t know where to begin. Thankfully, at GenLife, we provide top quality nutrition therapy services to help improve your quality of life!

Our Nutrition Therapy Services

Food Sensitivity and Allergy Testing Nutrition Therapy– The biggest fear that most people have are food allergies. When you start reaching the older years, these allergies become much more severe. Instead of taking a risk when you decide to try out a new diet, let us run you through our food sensitivity and allergy testing. This program safely determines which foods you are both sensitive to, and outright allergic to. This is a critical first step in developing a healthy and productive nutritional plan.

Wellness Consultants – Exercise and proper diet can be a difficult path to navigate alone. Most people can start strong, but without strong support and a guiding hand, they often resort to the same negative habits. At GenLife we believe in offering Wellness Consultants for anyone who desires that extra helping hand. Our professionals will find the best nutritional plan for you as well as the optimal exercise routines to ensure maximum results. Each of our expert consultants has had years of success and excellent results with multiple clients.

IV Nutritional Therapy – Nutritional therapy is one of the best ways to prevent aging and maintain a highly healthy lifestyle. IV therapy feeds the cells with nutrients to optimize their cellular health. Many vitamins and minerals are not well absorbed by the body, and the IV delivery method offers a more direct route for these substances to be absorbed by the body and work optimally. Simon Cowell is one of the many celebrities who receives weekly IV drips to maintain his healthy glow and youthful appearance. We perform this process and combined with our nutrition regimens can guarantee a much better lifestyle for you or your loved one!

GenLife Regenerative Medicine

Dr. Charles Mahl Prolotherapy professor expert regenerative medicineGenLife is the best medical clinic in South Florida for anti-aging advances and lifestyle changes. Under the guidance of Dr. Charles Mahl, who is an innovator in regenerative medicine and the leading figure in South Florida. If you or a loved one needs nutrition therapy, regenerative medicine or prolotherapy, the best place in South Florida is here at GenLife. Give us a call today at (305) 332-7234!Logo for signature