Get to Know Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy: A Safe Treatment for Lower Back Pain

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Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy Miami

Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy or low magnetic stimulation (LFMS) makes use of electronic fields to heal acute and chronic lower back pain. It’s a non-invasive stimulation device that received approval as a treatment tool from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2007.

At Genlife Clinic for Pain Management in Miami, we offer PEMF as one of the many options for regenerative medicine. This gadget contains magnets with an electric charge that goes through an electric pulse. The idea behind a PEMF therapy device is to balance the magnetic field around the body and help its natural repair mechanisms facilitate healing.

How Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Device Works

A person’s body has natural electric fields or molecules that contain magnetic energy. It is found in ions, such as potassium or calcium, that help the cells send signals in the body. The pulsed energy waves in a PEMF therapy device stimulate these cells and trigger a healing effect. 

Used for a home or clinic setting, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy may be coiled and attached to the lower back to be used several hours a day, especially for those with severe lower back pain. The battery-operated gadget has a frequency generator for adjusting the pulse and electric charges. 

Most PEMF therapy devices have a frequency between 5 to 30 Hz range. Though electric magnetic fields (EMFs) are found in other devices that could disrupt a person’s biology or DNA, the frequency of PEMF therapy devices is too minuscule to cause harm. Hence, it is a very safe option for managing your lower back pain.

Each PEMF treatment also only needs to be used for 10 to 20 minutes. The device delivers short bursts of magnetic energy instead of constant exposure, hence patients get all the benefits from the electromagnetic field without the negative effects. If you would like more information about this treatment, you can always ask our pain management doctor in Miami.

How Effective is Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Against Lower Back Pain

Experts in regenerative medicine in Genlife pain management, Miami assure patients about the safety of the PEMF. Before you are brought in for treatment, however, you will be assessed by our pain management doctor in Miami to find out if the procedure can benefit you.

A study  with 42 participants in the journal Pain and Therapy, suggested that the device is safe for treatment and works in improving lower back pain in patients who underwent a 12-week therapy. The participants reported rare and mild side effects of using PEMF. 

Another study published in Porto Biomedical Journal concluded that PEMF therapy works to reduce lower back pain and improve the functionality of the patient. There is also low risk associated with using this device and it may potentially work as an alternative to pain medications.

Where to Get PEMF Therapy Treatments

Although you can invest in your own device for home use, especially if you have lower back pain that has been frequently bothering you, PEMF therapy is best performed under the eye of a pain management expert.

At Genlife Regenerative Medicine and Pain Management, Miami, you are in the hands of efficient staff and qualified pain management experts. For inquiries, contact us or call us at (844) 859-7788. You can also book an appointment online.


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