Why a Fracture Won’t Heal and How Stem Cell Prolotherapy Can Help

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Stem Cell Prolotherapy for facture bones

A broken bone or fracture normally heals without problems while in treatment. Usually, new bone tissues form and reconnect in the weeks and months following the doctor’s alignment and stabilization of the broken bone.

However, there are cases where the bones fail to produce new bone tissues that delay healing. Unhealed fractures are medically termed as nonunion or delayed union

According to the journal Acta Orthopaedica, some nine percent of young and middle-aged adults have a high risk for nonunion, particularly for tibial (shinbone) and clavicular (collarbone) fracture. This may happen because the bone fragments that are supposed to heal do not receive sufficient blood supply and the nutrients needed for bone repair. 

Symptoms and Causes of an Unhealed Fracture

Broken bones that do not heal following months of treatment may exhibit some tenderness, swelling or bone-deep pain, especially when the injured bone is bearing weight. The patient often feels a lot weaker and the pain could be debilitating. 

Sometimes, the fracture’s impact might be so traumatic that it results in the damage of the blood vessels. Hence, the bone is unable to produce new cells and tissues to facilitate bone healing.

Unhealed fractures may also be an indication of an underlying condition, such as diabetes.  When the body is unable to process sugar efficiently, it might affect how nutrients are distributed, per a study in the journal Current Osteoporosis Reports

Vices like cigarette smoking and alcohol drinking may also interfere with blood circulation to the bones. Thus, many doctors recommend quitting the habit while a patient is undergoing treatments.

Stem Cell Therapy, Miami for Nonunion

Stem cell therapy in South Florida and Miami can help increase and strengthen the soft tissues commonly affected by the nonunion. The injection of the patient’s harvested stem cells into the injury site does not only reduce the pain but also helps the bones heal, as well as allow the patient to regain the functionality of the damaged body part.

stem cell therapy Miami

This clinical procedure is done in a controlled environment where the doctors specifically target the site for injury. Stem cell therapy in South Florida works by patching the holes and stimulating bone growth over the course of at least two or more treatments spaced out within the year, depending on the doctor’s assessment.

Stem cell prolotherapy is the latest innovation in Regenerative Medicine. It’s deemed as a safe and clinically effective treatment for patients with unhealed fracture, unresolved musculoskeletal pain, and poor connective tissue injury rehabilitation, according to the Journal of Prolotherapy.

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