Five Most Common Types of Referred Pain

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What is Referred Pain?

Referred pain is when you are feeling pain in an area, but a mistake if for where the pain actually begins. This can often happen due to inflammation affecting some areas more than others. But when you are undergoing chronic pain, it will often begin to confuse your nerves and make them believe that there is a different pain.

While most referred pain is a big deal, it is important to know which ones are

What are the most Common Referred Pain Places?

pain referral Stomach/Pancreas – One of the most difficult pains to truly place are stomach and the pancreas. Since they are so close to the front and rear of the body, often it can be misconstrued as either gas or bad posture.

Colon/Appendix – Pain in this specific area will almost always be mixed up with intestinal pain. But when you feel this problem specifically near the belly button or on the right side, and it persists, you should see a doctor.

Ovary and Abdomen – This is an incredibly scary pain that every woman has had a panic attack over. Most of the time you can locate the ovary because you’re familiar with menstrual pain, but sometimes it can be abdominal pain.

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Bladder and pelvis – The Bladder and the pelvis can often be in pain, and you be unaware. These can be anything from urinary issues to lethargic pangs.

Upper Leg and Lower Back – This is often for people who sit for prolonged periods with poor posture. The prolonged pain will blur the line between where the line begins and back ends.

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