The Five Most Common Tennis Injuries!

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The Five Most Common Tennis Injuries!

Tennis is one of the most commonly played sports in America with countless people playing every year. But with any sport, it has its set of unique injuries that you need to watch out for! To prevent you from making these mistakes, we are going to showcase the five most common tennis injuries and how to avoid them!

Most Common Tennis Injuries

common tennis injuries Tennis Elbow – Tennis Elbow is the most famous tennis injury, as the name indicates. It is the inflammation of the joints and tendons that bridge the forearm with the elbow, often created from repeated swinging.

Back Fractures – Many people when working on their swings can fracture and pull muscles in their back from poor utilization of technique. These can manifest in the lower back and inner back injuries based on the angle and usage of the arms.

Jumper’s Knee – Tennis is a sport about springing to movements, because of this the most common jumpers injury is present here as well. By not having a good warm up and stretch, you run the risk of injuring the knees and legs.

Sprained Ankle – With that increased movement and snap judgments, it’s common to end up with a sprained ankle. When these happen, you must be very careful with how you’re treating it to ensure it is healing properly.

tennis injuriesRotator Cuffs – This is very common when people are using their arms as often as they do in Tennis. This is hard to navigate because the rotator cuff is several long tissues woven within each other. Good stretching and proper technique can prevent people from injuring this part of their body.

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