The Five Most Common Sports Injuries

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The Five Most Common Sports Injuries

Everyone loves and should be playing a sport of some kind. They keep you active, they keep you healthy, and they make you happy. But what happens when disaster strikes? What happens if you achieve a sports injury? Well, we have the answer for you with the five most common sports injuries!

The Most Common Sports Injuries prevent ankle pain

Ankle Sprain – Your ankle is pinned to your leg and your foot by a stretchy band of ligaments. If they become stretched too much, then you sprain them. This is when you cause stress to the ligaments and force them to become inflamed.

Hamstring Strain – Similar to the Ankle sprain, the hamstring is when you pull the muscles or exceed the muscle length of your hamstring, and it becomes inflamed.

Groin Pull – On the interior of the legs are these adductor muscles that are part of maintaining stability and are famously next to your groin. However, when people are playing any sport, these are especially easy to strain because they are always being used.

Common Sports InjuriesShin Splints – Shin Splints are one of the most common injuries if not the most. Popular among Sprinters and Basketball players, Shin Splints are hairline microfractures on the shins that occur when the bones need to build up quickly. This is extremely common.

Tennis Elbow – Another common injury that is not unlike these other common injuries that happen between the ligaments and the muscles in the forearm and elbow. Over time through repeated use, you can cause injury to the ligaments closely related to how an ankle sprain will happen. The most common way this happens if from the titular game Tennis in which player will repeat the same motions of forearm movement.

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