Nutrición, Bienestar y Pérdida de Peso

Looking for the best way to lose weight and don’t know where to start? Having trouble figuring out what all the different diet plans are about? Learn which diets are fads, which can actually help you lose weight, and how you can make a healthy diet part of your lifestyle.

In order to maintain a healthy diet, it’s important to be able to understand the nutritional information of the foods you eat. You should be able to get the majority of vitamins, minerals and nutrients your body needs from a healthy variety of foods. Learn what food you should be eating – – and what you should be avoiding – – to ensure you’re getting the most from your diet.

It can be difficult to navigate your way through the maze of food choices available today. Sometimes even the food that seems healthy is loaded with extra calories. Here at Genlife Regenerative Medicine, you can earn how to choose healthy snacks, plan healthy meals, and make healthy eating a part of your life.

Weight loss and weight management requires more than a basic knowledge of nutrition.  We have found this is one of the most difficult subjects to teach patients because of the time involved in changing old habits and acquiring new ones and the fact that we spend minimal time in the kitchen (usually men) especially if we live alone and have to prepare meals.  A lot of people eat out or buy food already prepared.  A knowledge of nutrition helps in the transition to natural low glycemic foods and will give you greater control of your blood sugar and the ability to reduce the potential inflammatory stress that occurs in the body.  As new habits and patterns emerge, you’ll find yourself reaching your weight loss goals.  You will also find an improvement in your biological markers of aging.