Dr. Charles Mahl explains why stem cell therapy is a good option for anti-aging

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Why Stem Cell Therapy for Anti-aging

Dr. Charles Mahl explains why Stem Cell Therapy is a good option for anti-aging

Last month our remarkable physician and surgeon, Dr. Mahl,  who specializes in the practice of Regenerative Medicine, was one of the interviewees for the Coral Gables Magazine. Dr. Charles Mahl focused on benefits of stem cell and prp therapy for pain management and anti-aging. There are a number of options to slow down or mitigate the aging process, and to make you look younger. One of the methods is a stem cell treatment.

“The question is, how can we maintain our activities of daily living, our cognitive functions and our independent living as we age?” says Dr. Charles Mahl MD, Medical Director of GenLife Regenerative Medicine in Coral Gables. “We have to handle stress, resist disease, and balance our mind, body and spirit to have what I call a healthy lifespan,” the doctor says. “As physicians, we have many ways of correcting imbalances in the body and restoring functioning to what we call ‘optimal’ for an individual.”

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Stem Cell Regenerative Therapy as a tool to fight aging

Miami Stem Cell Therapy is the latest form of regenerative medicine that treats chronic and degenerative diseases by stimulating the repair of injured tissues. We usually combine platelet-rich-plasma (PRP) therapy with stem cell therapy and prolotherapy because the platelets assist and facilitate the stem cells to develop into new tissues, hence healing the injured area. All the mentioned treatments are non-surgical options. They are delivered through injections directly into the injured, inflamed and painful areas. The stem cells are taken from your own bone marrow, blood or fat (usually from around the belly), then concentrated and isolated. The stem cells have the ability to turn into healthy versions of the damage cells that they encounter. They contain growth factors and proteins to trigger the growth of new connective tissues and new blood vessels to reduce inflammation and stimulate the body’s natural repair mechanisms. In other words, stem cell therapy has the capacity to repair, renew and replace damaged tissues. That’s the reason why it is a good anti-aging treatment.

“If you don’t smoke, drink too much or use drugs, and you exercise and eat well, I think you can age gracefully and enjoy yourself at any age,” says Dr. Mahl. “It’s all about maximizing the healthy life span.”  

We encourage to check out the article about How to stay young in the Gables (the link above), if you are interested in finding more treatment options for anti-aging.

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More information about Stem cell therapy Miami

Stem cell treatment has the potential to alleviate suffering and to treat previously incurable diseases by stimulating the repair of injured tissues, thus contributing to joint and/or spine regeneration.

Regenerative medicine, including PRP and stem cell treatments, is seen as a new and innovative treatment option offering tremendous hope for people suffering with systemic diseases like diabetes, asthma, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, and many others.

Stem cell therapy is considered a new frontier of medicine. It’s important to familiarize yourself with it before making a selection of provider. If you would like more information about stem cell treatment Miami, or to schedule an appointment, contact us.

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