Cell Therapy and Pain Management

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Cell Therapy and Pain Management

Cell Therapy and Pain Management

Orthobiologics Amniotic Scaffolds MiamiCell therapy has been used in modern medicine for several years. Essentially any antibiotic solution or medicine are a form of cell therapy. But what about for regenerating muscles or helping with pain management? From Genlife, comes orthobiologics and cell therapy, the future of pain management. While some physicians will issue prescription drugs to help the person feel less pain, they are seldom helping with the actual rebuilding process that goes with healing a muscle. Would you rather fix the problem or mute the communicators in your body that are telling you there is a problem? Read more about Pain Management in Miami.

What is Amniotic Scaffolding?

Orthobiologics – Orthobiologics uses cell-based therapies and biomaterials to promote healing and offers exciting alternatives to traditional orthopedic procedures. These are injectable biologic scaffolds that allow the body’s cells to infiltrate and integrate into the injured area. They remodel and restore function and contain growth factors, hyaluronic acid, and collagen.

This process isn’t new. Calling the bodies attention to a problem is one of the foundations of modern medicine. However, without properly opening the channels of communication, the body can’t know where the problem is. Amniotic scaffolding brings the bodies attention to where you are in pain.

How do Stem Cells Treat Pain?Prolotherapy Training Dr. Charles Mahl

Cell Therapy – Stem cells are the body’s raw materials — cells from which all other cells with specialized functions are generated. Under the right conditions in the body, stem cells divide to form more cells called daughter cells. Your bone marrow is rich in growth factors and stems cells, and when combined with stem cells from your adipose tissue (fat) we can get a higher yield of mesenchymal stem cells to use for injection into the joint or injured area.

Stem Cell therapy helps increase the bodies ability to heal the area. While Amniotic Scaffolding helps show where the problem is, stem cell therapy helps by adding more helpers in that area. Stem Cell therapy uses these daughter cells to increase the rate of healing. Read more about Stem Cell Therapy in Miami.

GenLife Regenerative Medicine

Stem Cell Therapy and Amniotic Scaffolding are exciting for the future of regenerative medicine. While it has been proven to help countless people with their pain management, who knows what the future of the industry will create.