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Dr Charles Mahl
Doctor Mahl |
December 12, 2023

Helping Sports Injuries with Prolotherapy

Playing sports professionally and recreationally alike creates strain and injury on the body. Staying healthy comes with its risks as well as its rewards.But for most people , there aren’t enough solid treatments to ensure a safe and hasty recovery without risking surgery or messing with medicines that have a potential for addiction. This is where treating sports injuries with prolotherapy comes in.

Many athletes are turning to prolotherapy because it allows them to maintain their training while also ramping up the speed of the body’s natural healing process. Because of this, more and more professional athletes are working through the pain and healing even faster with prolotherapy.

Sports Injury With Prolotherapy

How does Prolotherapy help Sports Injuries?

Prolotherapy is the process of redirecting the body’s natural healing reflexes and focusing them on a spot for faster healing. With GenLife we practice plasma rich prolotherapy.

The process goes as follows; we run your blood through a centrifuge to spin out all of the plasma. Next, we take that plasma into a syringe and inject it into the spot where the pain is being experienced.

The plasma has daughter cells that are ready to adjust to natural pain responses the body gives off. The needle causes the sensors to flair which lets the daughter cells adjust immediately and begin the healing process. The increased daughter cells stimulate an even stronger response from the body to send more daughter cells to that region, increasing the rate of healing the body naturally creates.

GenLife Regenerative Medicine

GenLife Regenerative Medicine is the leading provider of regenerative medicine in Miami. Several former and current Dolphins players swear by GenLife and rely on it for the natural healing that simply cannot happen under the conditions of surgery or the utilization of cortisone. If you or a loved one are in chronic pain and would like a way out, please give us a call today at (844) 859-7788

Avoid surgery whenever possible. Control inflammation smartly, keep your weight down fuel your body right, take control of your hormones.

Dr. Charles F. Mahl MD FACS FICS FAAOM

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