Before Any Cosmetic Surgery Do this Too

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Before Any Cosmetic Surgery do this too

The hottest trend today is cosmetic makeovers. Anything that changes one’s appearance counts as a makeover. Television programs chronicle the extremes people are willing to go to for a change in appearance – surgery, liposuction, wardrobe changes, and even makeovers of their home. Cosmetic surgical and dental procedures are increasing at an astronomical rate. There is nothing wrong with wanting to look good. But to look really good on the outside, one must be healthy and feel good on the inside.

If you are contemplating a cosmetic surgical or dental makeover, you expect the very best outcome. Excellent results depend, in part, on selecting a qualified surgeon or dentist. You’re more likely to experience a satisfactory outcome with the best-prepared surgeon. Guess what? The surgeon also knows that the best outcomes occur in the best-prepared patients. Postoperative recovery time, wound healing and final appearance are all highly dependent on your health.

If your makeover plans include facial rejuvenation or just a new wardrobe, getting your body healthy is the all-important first step. Aestheticians achieve superior skin and facial rejuvenation results in the healthiest clients. Clothing always looks and fits better when you are fit.

Before undergoing any procedure, ask yourself a few questions. Am I physically prepared to achieve optimal results? Is my immune system operating at its peak? Have I done all I can to prepare my body tissues to heal and regenerate optimally? To most effectively address these questions seek professional guidance with a Preventive Age Management Medicine consultation 3-6 months before your procedure so as to assure dramatically better outcomes. In fact, Preventive Age Management Medicine is often called ‘cosmetic surgery’ from the inside out.

The ultimate makeover always begins within – within the mind, body and spirit. If you are serious about changing your appearance, then beginning with a Preventive-Aging program is truly the way to go. Dr Mahl and his Associates at GenZone Age Management Medicine and GenSkin Aesthetics will make this happen for you. External makeover results will be far more satisfying. Experience more beautiful skin, hair, and smiles. Regaining and maintaining peak metabolic and functional health gives you the best opportunity to look good on the outside and feel good on the inside