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Prolotherapy for Athletes

prp for athletesCountless Athletes turn to prolotherapy when they need to heal quickly and are having problem. You see, many people in the athletic world will suggest painkillers and therapy get over an injury. While therapy is good for building muscles overall, it’s not good for localized repair, and painkillers do nothing more than mask what your body is telling you. You’re in pain, and you need to fix it.

With Prolotherapy, we can bring your bodies natural healing to a specific place, and countless athletes have already used PRP (platelet-rich prolotherapy.) Read more about Prolotherapy in Miami.

List of Athletes who have Used PRP

Steph Curry

Problem: Knee Injury
How they Used Prolotherapy: Steph Curry went through platelet-rich prolotherapy on his sprained right knee. He later went on to play in the Finals against The Cavaliers.

Kobe Bryant

Problem: Knee and Shoulder
How they Used Prolotherapy: Kobe Bryant regularly took trips to Germany to receive PRP treatment when in his prime and contributes parts of his dominance in the sport to his regular retrieval of PRP.

Tiger Woods

Problem: Knee and Shoulder
How they Used Prolotherapy: In 2010, Tiger Woods used PRP to help rejuvenate his muscles and tendons before the master’s tour.

Alex Rodriguez

Problem: Various.
How they Used Prolotherapy: Throughout his career, Alex Rodrigues regularly injured anything from wrists and ankles to knees and shoulders and regularly sought help from PRP.

Rafael Nadal

Problem: Knee Injury.
How they Used Prolotherapy: Rafael Nadal came back from a 7-month injury layoff partially due to the help of his regular PRP treatments. He incorporated prolotherapy into the foundation of his recovery and came back to win the finals.

GenLife Regenerative Medicine

GenLife regenerative medicine has been helping countless people overcoming their adversities. From professional athletes to aging adults, prolotherapy changes lives on a daily basis. Call us today if you would like to learn more! Read more about Stem Cell Treatment in Miami, Prolotherapy in Miami, or PRP in Miami.

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