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Are you Suffering from Low Testosterone?

difference between androgen and testosteroneTestosterone, the chief male hormone, is essential for libido and erectile function and plays a crucial role in mood, energy, bone health, and body composition.

Testosterone levels decline with age, usually beginning in a man’s mid-30s. Diminishing testosterone levels have been linked with disorders such as depression, fatigue, obesity, and cognitive decline.

In general, when natural testosterone is replenished for andropausal men it has the potential to prolong the quality-of-life by decreasing the diseases of aging. Testosterone protects against cardiovascular disease; it can raise HDL cholesterol and lower LDL cholesterol levels. It may decrease blood pressure, excess body fat, and symptoms of arthritis.

The Benefits of Androgen Replacement Therapy

Fat and Muscle – One way to help maintain (if not increase) testosterone levels is by reducing excess body fat. Weight- training is another way to raise testosterone levels in both males and females.

Lifestyle Changes – Additional lifestyle changes include avoiding excess alcohol and high-fat diets, increasing intake of soy products, taking caution with drugs which impair liver function and managing stress. Avoid over-the-counter agents promising to improve testosterone levels, such as androstenedione. Testosterone replacement therapy, prescribed by a physician, can dramatically augment the benefits of these lifestyle changes.

Stimulation – Testosterone replacement stimulates the cardiovascular system, the neurologic system, muscles, and bones. It may protect against Alzheimer’s dementia, type II diabetes, osteoporosis, muscle wasting, loss of libido and erectile function, inflammatory-related diseases and a range of cardiovascular diseases.

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