Weight Loss (with and without HCG)

Weight Loss with and without HCG Miami GenLife

The American Diet undernourished and overfed (Some would say malnourished and overfed)

– Dr. Charles Mahl


Often times, the precise reason your body is storing fat is an underlying thyroid imbalance, or some other hormonal imbalance, or sugar cravings, or bad diet, or pain that keeps you from exercising, or a chronic illness or diabetes. Everyone has unique problems and we tailor your weight-loss program to give you a unique solution to achieve the goals that you desire. We balance your body’s chemistries and hormones, teach proper nutrition and exercise, give nutritional supplements and vitamins and we fix the issues that have prevented you from having a healthy lifestyle in the past. We will get you eating right and losing weight. We will stop you from giving in to your cravings and yo-yo dieting. As we put together a weight loss program for you, we will make it fun, healthy and easy for you to take off the extra weight that is dangerous to your health and allow you to lead the life you desire with a renewed energy level. We will provide you with all the tools necessary to accomplish this and maintain it, so you can have the best chance of a healthy life span. In our program, we optimize all systems and hormones, and evaluate the real reasons why weight stays on and doesn’t come off easily so we can get to the root cause, including physiological and psychological reasons and problems that lead to carrying extra weight.

Lemon water to start the day. Lemon water is wonderfully nourishing and hydrating and can make a big difference in your energy and vitality. Lemons have a very low sugar content with a high alkaline mineral


Carrying extra weight on the body can lead to heart disease, coronary artery disease and pulmonary disease. The leading cause of death in the United States is heart disease. This is a disease that can be treated and prevented through lifestyle changes such as decreasing your intake of carbohydrates, refined sugars and unhealthy fats. Losing weight is difficult and requires commitment and consistency. It is not as easy as “exercise more and eat less”. We have several protocols to help our patients’ lose weight and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. We also offer our physician supervised HCG weight loss protocol in combination with hormone balancing. HCG is utilized for rapid weight loss because it allows you to burn stored fat. HCG injections can be given for 6 weeks along with vitamin B12 injections and prescriptions for appetite suppression and hormone balancing. Our nutritionist can prepare a customized menu for the six-week program and thereafter. Just remember the best diets are often low-calorie, nutrient dense food such as fruits and vegetables and whole grains while limiting saturated fat, sweets, and alcohol. It is always best to keep a journal of your daily meals so that you identify your eating patterns and develop strategies to stay in control of your eating choices. Physical activity and regular exercise at least 30-60 minutes three times a week will help you achieve your goals. Our physical trainers and exercise physiologist will create a customized program of exercise and fitness for you. In our practice, the best way to lose weight safely is deliberate and slow. Over time, the weight will come off and will stay off and you will have the greatest chance of success of keeping the weight off indefinitely.


HCG is a hormone secreted by the placenta in the pregnant female. The basis for the standard pregnancy test in women is measuring HCG. If HCG is elevated in this test, it is indicative of pregnancy.

HCG can be used by men who are in need testosterone replacement therapy. It is thought to not cause testicular shrinkage and to increase sperm counts and ejaculate volume. HCG is a placental product which mimics the action of LH. It thus “tricks” the testes into producing more testosterone. However it does not work well with men who have primary hypogonadism or dysfunction of the Leydig cells in the testes. It works best in men who have some kind of issue with the pituitary-hypothalamus rather than with the testicular cells that actually produce testosterone. This is called secondary hypogonadism. HCG is useful in younger males who have not yet developed traditional andropause and loss of testicular function. It is often used as a first line of testosterone replacement therapy in men who still want to have children because it does not decrease the sperm count. HCG is used to stimulate the Leydig cells to make testosterone and other androgens. Therapy of men with HGH can lead to increased testosterone and even estrogen levels. When we treat with HCG, we watch for what is called “over aromatization”, which is too much testosterone converting into estrogen. We modify our dosages of HCG accordingly to minimize this affect. In summary, younger men who have the ability to make testosterone will find that their testosterone levels will go up after injection of HCG. Older man, over the age of 50, who have a decreased ability of the testes to make testosterone may or may not respond to HCG. If an older man does not respond to HCG, then we usually will start Testosterone replacement via creams or injectables or pellets.

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