5 Ways to Prevent Carpal Tunnel, Wrist Pain and Hurt Hands!

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Ways to Prevent Carpal Tunnel

5 Ways to Prevent Carpal Tunnel, Wrist Pain and Hurt Hands!

At GenLife we know that people are enduring pain most of the time and it bothers us. We seek to ensure that our customers and clients are well taken care of at all times! While we do provide ways to help wrist pain once it has occurred, we also want to provide you with the reasons necessary to never be in pain in the first place.

Prevent Carpal TunnelCarpal Tunnel

Relaxed Grip – Relaxing the amount of pressure that your wrists and hands go through when working helps with the amount of long-term strain that the wrists go through. So focusing on relaxing your grip will do wonders for maintaining healthy wrists.

Posture – A general rule of thumb is to have your hands a little lower than where your elbow is setting, this makes it much more relaxed and not taking in an upward strain which usually increases the amount of muscular use that the body has.

Wrist Pain

Stretching – A great way to prevent most of these problems is taking gentle and consistent stretching breaks. You want the muscles to remain elastic and constantly working for the long term. So stretching the muscles or doing warm up exercises are great for maintaining healthy wrists.

Hurt Hands

Splint – Splints or wrist guards are great ways to protect your hands, digits, and muscles from gaining problems. Similar to how back belts keep the muscles of the back intact, the split will keep your hand muscles for changing drastically.

Massages – Hand massages are similar to stretching in the sense that you are trying to remove tension from your hands. Usually, with stretching, the gentle tugs on the muscles will loosen tension, but sometimes you need to knead them out of place.

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