5 Ways to Keep your Shoulders healthy

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Shoulders healthy

5 Ways to Keep your Shoulders healthy

Shoulder injuries are upsettingly common among older people. Often people will have to deal with shoulder pain for the majority of their lives. While our prolotherapy program is great for treating you if you receive shoulder pain, we also don’t believe you should have it and want to show you five ways to keep your shoulders healthy.

3 Tips for Keeping your Shoulders healthy

healthy shouldersTake it Easy – First thing you have to do is take it easy. If you are working out consistently, you need to make sure that you are not pushing your arms too much. While muscle building always revolves around breaking down muscles and bringing them up, but shoulders are complex meshes that need special care.

Stretch – Whenever you are going to work out, make sure that you stretch before doing anything crazy. Stretching is a great way to prime and prepares your muscles before pushing them to their limits.

Relax – If you have a stressful lifestyle, it will eat away at you. We’ve covered it multiple times before. But not only will stress eat away at you, but it will also build up tension in your muscles which will also break them down if you’re not careful.

keep your shoulder healthy2 Exercise to Keeping Healthy Shoulders

These exercises should be done with 5-10 dumb bells and are meant to build muscle elasticity.

Empty Can – The empty can workout involves lifting the dumbbell like a can in 10-30 reps depending on strength.

Dumbbell Arm Swings – With a smaller dumb bell, this works the rotator cuff. All you will do is swing large circles with the dumbbells to improve circulation.

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