5 Things you can do to Prevent Whiplash!

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5 Things you can do to Prevent Whiplash!

Whiplash is one of the most unfortunate experiences someone can go through. Between the initial snap to the long-term effects, it has on your body. While whiplash is often not foreseeable, there are several steps you can do to prevent whiplash!

prevent whiplashThe Five Ways to Protect Yourself

Proper Posture – The first way to ensure you take in minimal damage during whiplash is to make sure you have proper posture. When you are sitting in your car or at a ride, you need to make sure you have your back and neck firmly place against the back of your chair. The pressure of a collision can severely hurt you just in that narrow gap between your skin and the chair.

Ergonomics – It is important to check your car for lumbar support and proper adjustment for where your headrest should go. It is very important to maintain ergonomic support from your vehicle.

Safety First – Always make sure to maintain basic safety measures. Simple things like not speeding, staying buckled in, and checking both ways even while you are driving can give you the slight edge over possible damage.

ways to prevent whiplashYoga – By taking yoga classes, you can help relieve tension and remain limber. More importantly, gaining control of your body lets you figure out how your body should move. If you see expert martial artists of Sambo, you can see how relaxed they are when they fall and how it affects the damage their body takes.

Alexandrian Technique – The Alexandrian technique is like mixing proper posture with Yoga. The concept behind it is to ‘relax upward.’ This focuses on two principles: Keeping your head in proper alignment and thinking before moving. The head alignment is great for keeping your body healthy, and the thought process prevents acute whiplash from instinctive reactions such as reaching for something.


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