5 Risk Factors for Lower Back Pain, Are you high risk?

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As you may know, the main cause of lower back pain (LBP) is most commonly an underlying disease, which our pain doctor in Miami is happy to help you with. However, certain other risk factors may raise the likelihood of suffering from low back pain. Here are 5 of them.

  1. Your age

As you grow older, loss of bone mass can lead to fractures, a decline in muscle tone, and a decrease in muscle flexibility. In addition, the intervertebral discs start to lose fluid and elasticity, which, in turn, decreases their capacity to protect your vertebrae. Ask your pain doctor in Miami what you can do to keep your spine young and flexible.

2. Your weight

Whether you are overweight or have gained considerable amount of weight in a short period of time, you may experience a variety of health issues. What we sometimes forget is that this extra weight can put stress on the vertebrae and lead to LBP.

3. Pregnancy

The changes in the female body during pregnancy include the repositioning of the pelvis, as well as shifts in weight distribution and loading. All these could result in lower back pain. The good news is back symptoms almost always resolve some time after delivery. If they don’t, contact your Miami Pain Clinic for an appointment.

4. Your fitness level

People who are physically fit experience less back pain than those who are not. You need your back and abdominal muscles to be strong and flexible in order to properly support your vertebrae. If you make moderate physical activity part of your daily routine, you will help your body maintain the integrity of intervertebral discs.

5. Occupational risk factors

When you have a job which requires you to lift, push or pull heavy objects, you may already know that it comes with a big burden for your spine. You should be extra careful when the work you do involves twisting or vibrating the spine, as it can lead to injury and/or severe back pain. A desk job is not safe for your spine, either, particularly if you sit in a chair with poor back support for many hours a day. If changing jobs is not a possibility, ask your pain doctor in Miami not only for help with alleviating your pain, but also with methods to prevent it.  

Objective measurements allow pain specialists a better understanding of the unique attributes of the pain experienced by the patient. Make an appointment today at our Miami Pain Clinic to determine your baseline and start your treatment.